how can I make a party?

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User Info: goyolap

6 years ago#1
How can I make a party in this game I am really new at this game barely have for 2 days so if someone I hope they can tell :)

User Info: _The_Blode_

6 years ago#2
Go to social tab, select a friend or nearby player and add to party
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User Info: Yaboy125

6 years ago#3
or open the on screen keyboard (or use a USB one) and type /invite "player's name"

no quotes are necessary if the hero / villain has a one word name
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User Info: ShinnAsuka20

6 years ago#4
Alternatively you can just type "/invite name".
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User Info: BledAngelShadow

6 years ago#5
type the following

/invite (username)

so in my case type
/invite Flashpointe

This will invite anybody ANYWHERE to your party.

That said, i have problems with this working when the name is 2 words lol
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User Info: DiscoPlumber

6 years ago#6
When the name is two words you just enclose the name in "

so it would be

/invite "Disco Plumber"
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User Info: DiscoPlumber

6 years ago#7
Plus never, ever type /invite Flashpointe, he'll just ninja all your loot and solo all the alerts before you get there
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