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User Info: karmaxdust

6 years ago#1
What's the point of auction houses other than for people to quickly collect a set of certain styles? I'm sure most of the weapons and armor that people want can not even be traded or sold.

Seems like it's only useful for lower level players or people who want to buy sodas on the cheap.
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User Info: tomo012

6 years ago#2
People are lazy or have terrible luck with drop rates.
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User Info: RJCarson

6 years ago#3
actually I have a couple of weapons that I have not put a skill in and they can be traded.

Like I have a couple of steampunk rifles.

User Info: wilsonxcore

6 years ago#4
wow is very similar. a majority of the stuff people really want isn't trade-able. the only thing is with dcuo it only takes a couple days to hit cap unlike wow
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User Info: jsquad4136

6 years ago#5
"People are lazy or have terrible luck with drop rates."

Ugh, me and luck don't like eachother. Sometimes I'll grind a specific area for a while to look for that certain style I'm looking for. (call me a fashion freak if you must). When I FINALLY get that specific style I can't wear it because I'm not a tank. What the hell.....

Same thing happens with weapons too. I was looking for the 'flint-lock pistols' style for my dual pistols and I finally found them but can't equip them because I was not a 'healer'.

Plus the ONLY purple item I got out of the Vault was the 'gloves of clinging'. But I am ALREADY an acrobatic so that didn't do much for me. Even better I have gotten THREE of those things. In the end an auction house sounds good to me. I mean good lord I have nothing else to spend those thousands of dollars on anyways. I found money pretty easy to come by in the game. It'll be nice to waste some of it. :)
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User Info: karmaxdust

6 years ago#6
I did get flash's boots from the vault and I'm a flyer. But honestly I don't really have much use for it. It's not like you can go superspeed (or can you)? I rather be a speedster and get Joker's Jetpack thing.

Other less suckier stuff I've gotten are

Batgirl's T-shirt
Green Lantern's hoodie
Some green Alien hoodie

Just for looks.
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User Info: KungFuPhil

6 years ago#7
Once you hit lvl30, your equipment likely sucks and you have a lot of money because you never really need to purchase anything. To me, this is a great time to put your money into great equipment so you won't be dependent on a good partner in Duos or a great team in Alerts.
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User Info: akuma1623

6 years ago#8
Where is the auction house located?

User Info: Gravath

6 years ago#9
Middle of hall of justice/doom the area where you get your daily villainy/heroics(I guess) quest. For villains its where deathstroke is.
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User Info: gillz107

6 years ago#10
^^^ Are you talking about the broker house?
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