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User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#1
Hello everybody,
this guide is for all the players who just reached level 30 and now are a little lost and don't know exactly what to do next. It also covers the different Marks, where to get them and where to spend them.

Please do not post before you see my Final Words. Thank you.

Table of Content

1) Getting a blue level 30 Weapon
2) Toyman Missions
3) Challenge Missions
4) Duos
5) Hard Alerts
6) Raids
7) Arena PvP and Legends PvP
8) Marks
9) Useful Links
10) Final Words

1) Getting a blue level 30 Weapon

This is where I would start, since it is very easy and can make a huge difference.
Under the Meta wing in the Watchtower you can find the vendors for all blue level 30 PvP items, purple trinkets and accessory and characters for Legends PvP. You can ignore most of the stuff here for now, especially if you are not interested in PvP, but you can get a decent weapon here (also decent for PvE!).
They have more DPS than anything you could find in Challenges and it will probably take you a while until you find something better in Duos (the weapons there have the same DPS, but might have better stats for your role). And you have to start somewhere, right?
The weapons cost 250 Influence (skull symbol), meaning you have to do some PvP matches first (Legends PvP, Arena PvP). You get 25 Influence for losing, 50 Influence for winning and some Influence for kills or assists (meaning you have damaged a target, but someone else killed it). It shouldn't take you too long to get the 250 Influence and since you can earn it already at lower levels you will probably already have some.

2) Toyman Missions
Rewards: 1 Mark of Allegiance

There are three Toyman Missions which you can pick up in the Watchtower/Hall of Doom. All missions require you to travel to Stryker's Island.

a) Once More With Rockets!
You will see some launchpads with yellow arrows on them. Step on one of them and get catapulted into the air. In the direction in which the arrow pointed you will find a platform with another launchpad. Land on it, jump in the air again and repeat this a couple of times until you reach the final platform where you can transform into a Toybot. Use your standard attack to kill 20 Toybots. Power 1 is an AoE, 2 is a Heal and 3 is transforming back.

b) Toyland
First you have to destroy one of the crates marked by a yellow icon. Then you have to open the small presents that come out until you find a battery (marked by a transport icon) and take it to one of the Betty Dolls. You will transform and get 3 Powers similar to the previous ones, but this time they have a cast time. Then jump down and kill 15 Windup Wallys (surrounded by a green ring) with your first power (standard attacks don't work). You can kick away other Toybots by doing a “range” attack.

c) Fun for Girls and Boys
When you pick up one of the Energy Cells you get transformed into a Toybot again, this time with Acrobatic movement and no other powers. Run from one circle to the next before your time runs out and avoid the various objects and attacks on the way. If you are not sure where the next circle is, look for the yellow X on your minimap.
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User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#2
3) Challenge Missions
Rewards: 2 Marks of Allegiance

There are two terminals in each wing of the Watchtower/Hall of Doom, giving you one mission each, making a total of six Challenge Missions. You will have done an easier version of some of these missions before (depending on your Mentor), while others are completely new to you. You can do Challenge Missions only alone.
Heroes get the missions with following bosses at the end:

Dr. Psycho
Harley Quinn
Robin/Poison Ivy

For Villains there are:

Dr Fate

After you have picked up these missions, you can simply activate them and follow the quest marker. They are located where the easier versions were, but have a separate entrance. I think you should start with Faust, Raven or Harley, but you might find others easier.
But be prepared! All of them are considerably harder than what you have faced before. Some general tips are:
- take only one group of enemies at a time
- make good use of your abilities
- use Soder Colas if needed
- wait to regenerate health between fights
- use orange barrels in boss fights or larger groups
Mobs will drop green level 30 items, maybe some of them are better than what you got from previous missions, bosses drop a blue level 30 item and sometimes even a purple. Their quality is under the stuff you get from Duos and Hard Alerts, though.
Challenge Missions will also give you +125 Renown with the related faction and you can do each once per day.

4) Duos
Rewards: 2 Marks of Triumph, 1 Mark of Distinction (only for the Duo with the golden star)

Duos are, as the name suggests, for two players. They also are harder versions of missions you might have done before, but they also have additional bosses that are completely new. You can access them by simply queuing for them in your On Duty menu. Currently there are the following Duos:

Gorilla Grodd's Lab (Heroes only)
Gotham General Hospital (Villains only)
Gotham University
Cape Carmine Lighthouse

You can basically start doing them once you have a suitable weapon and a bit confidence in your skills. You might actually find them easier than the Challenge Missions, but that depends on your partner.
The easiest Duo is certainly Grodd's Lab, that's what you should try first if you are a Hero. The others are a bit more difficult, but it's hard to say in which order. General tips are the same as for the Challenges, but additionally:
- do what is expected from your role (as Healer also heal your partner, as Controller restore his power)
- work as a team
- communicate with your partner if there are problems
- only press Need on items that you actually can equip and which are better than what you currently have
- press Greed or Pass on everything else
There is a blue vendor machine at the start of each Duo where you can buy Colas and repair your items.
Drops are a bit better than in Challenges and often role specific. Bosses drop a blue item, the last boss also has a chance to drop a purple item.
You can get Marks once a day from each Duo.
If you think you are good at something, there's an Asian on YouTube better than you.

User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#3
5) Hard Alerts
Rewards: 1-3 Marks of Triumph per Boss, 2 Marks of Distinction at the last boss (only in the Hard Alert with the golden star)

This is where it really begins to get hard and where you need good teamwork. Hard Alerts are for groups of four players and you should have one of each role, Tank, Healer, Controller and DPS. You can queue for them by going to "Alerts" in your On Duty menu and then switching to the "Hard
Alerts" tab. Same general tips as for Challenges and Duos apply, but additionally:
- let the Tank start each fight
- stick together
- focus on your role
- protect the Healer
- communicate even more
- if you get aggro on a boss and you are not the Tank, do everything you can to survive (rolling, survival abilities, colas) until the Tank gets aggro again
Colas and repairs are available at a vendor or vendor machine in the starting area of each Hard Alert. The drops are better than drops from Duos and if you are lucky you can get a nice weapon specific for your role from them. Most bosses drop 1 Mark of Triumph, final bosses drop 2 or 3 depending on the Alert. You can get the Marks once each day from each Hard Alert.

a) Area 51
This is where you should start, since it is the easiest one. You should have completed each of the Duos and wear mostly blue (or purple if you got lucky) items.
If you die in a bossfight you can quickly run/fly back after respawning and if you're lucky the rest of your group was able to survive without you and you can continue fighting.

b) Ace Chemicals/Watchtower Containment Facility (Heroes only)/Armory (Villains only)
If everything went fine in Area 51 you could try one of these with the same group. If not, wait until you have more blue items and maybe your first purple iconic item. They are more difficult and you will be locked out from most boss rooms if you die. The bosses also require more teamwork and tactics, so it's best if one member of your group has already done them and knows what to do.

c) Smallville/Arkham Asylum/Stryker's Island Penitentiary
These are the more difficult ones. You should have two pieces of iconic gear and the rest blue. Also, you should really know how to play your role by now. And of course bosses require special strategies again.

6) Raids
Rewards: 3-4 Marks of Distinction per boss

Since this is only an Introduction Guide, I will make it short (at least for now).
Raids are for experienced groups of eight players. It is highly recommended that you've completed all of the Hard Alerts, have at least two pieces of iconic gear and have worked as a team before.
Currently available are Kahndaq, Batcave: Outer Caverns and Batcave: Inner Sanctum.
Bosses drop 2 purple items. The armor is between tier 1 and tier 2 equipment, the weapons and accessories are the best currently in the game. You can get loot and Marks once per week from each Raid.
If you think you are good at something, there's an Asian on YouTube better than you.

User Info: Biaz

6 years ago#4
7) Arena PvP and Legends PvP
Rewards: Influence, Marks of Legends, Marks of Victory

There are different kinds of PvP matches, but in all of them you get the same rewards. For losing you get 25 Influence, 1 Mark of Legends and 1 Mark of Victory. For winning you get double the amount. You get additional Influence for each kill/assist.
In Arena matches you fight with your own hero/villain, including your own gear. To help your survivability you should get PvP gear which has Toughness, the PvP equivalent of Defense. Having Defense won't help you at all.
In Legends matches you fight as an Iconic character, such as Robin, Bane, The Joker and more. Your own gear and abilities won't matter at all.

a) Capture the Flag
In this mode the first team to get 100 points wins.
Your team gets 5 points if you kill a player of the opposite team and 25 if you can steal the "Flag" (a big stone) from the enemy's base and bring it to your own.

b) King of the Hill
In this mode both teams start with 1000 points and the first team that drops to 0 points loses.
There are one ore more "Hills" (white circles if neutral) on the map. If you stand on a Hill and no enemy does, the enemy team loses points.

c) Capture and Hold
This mode is similar to King of the Hill, but you don't have to stay in the Zones to make your enemy lose points. Instead it takes a bit longer to capture them.

8) Marks

How to get them? What to buy with them? Where are the vendors? And how many do I need? Everything answered here!

a) Influence:
From: Arena PvP, Legends PvP, killing other players
For: blue PvP gear
Where: vendor machines under the Meta wing
Costs: 1700 for complete set

b) Marks of Allegiance
From: Challenge and Toyman Missions
For: blue faction gear
Where: one faction vendor in each wing

Trade: 10 of them for 1 Mark of Victory or Triumph
Where: two of the faction vendors will give you Triumph, the third will give you Victory

c) Marks of Legend
From: Arena PvP, Legends PvP
For: characters for Legends PvP
Where: vendor machine under the Meta wing
Costs: 250 for all

d) Marks of Victory
From: Arena PvP, Legends PvP, Trade
For: purple Iconic PvP set for your Origin
Where: vendor in the wing of your Origin
Costs: 810 for full set

For: purple PvP accessories and trinkets
Where: vendor machine under the Meta wing

For: purple PvP weapons and a special trenchcoat
Where: vendor can only be found after winning Ring War, near the zone where to deliver the objects
Costs: 120 per weapon

e) Marks of Triumph
From: Duos, Hard Alerts, Trade
For: first (tier 1) purple Iconic PvE set for your Origin
Where: vendor in the wing of your Origin
Costs: 400 for full set

f) Marks of Distinction
From: Raids, golden star Hard Alerts/Duos
For: second (tier 2) purple Iconic PvE set for your Origin
Where: vendor in the wing of your Origin
Costs: 400 for full set

9) Useful Links

There are so many useful links, so I will just post a link to a post in the official forums where all these links are collected. Credits to the community.

10) Final Words

That's it for now.
Thank you for reading, and if you find it helpful please vote for sticky.
I will probably update this once new content is released or with other information. So any suggestions, corrections, additions, questions and/or comments are much appreciated.
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User Info: tomo012

6 years ago#5
Good stuff. Hopefully this will help with multiple topics that tend to get posted over and over again.
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User Info: UncleLeo

6 years ago#6
Just wanted to add a clarification to your section on influence. You get it from killing other players, but only on the Legends and Arena matches, not in open world combat. If that's what you meant, that's great, but it may not be clear to others.
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User Info: xmanny

6 years ago#7
Nice work
PSN: xX-Alto-Xx
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User Info: jcopp72

6 years ago#8
nice, sticky please

User Info: KontroLz85

6 years ago#9
Also, you get 2 marks of allegiance plus 125 renown as a reward for the daily challenge missions.

User Info: project122

6 years ago#10
wheres the vote sticky button...
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