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User Info: nelsen77

6 years ago#1
hello all, I am stuck on Bane, I am a level 8 gadgets user who just keeps getting wipped out. I am going to spend some time today leveling up and then going back. If that does not work I am not sure what I am going to do. Any siggestions would be helpful. Now I have read all the posts on how to beat Bane but it is not working for me at this point. Thanks.

User Info: moxxidude

6 years ago#2
You answered your own question my friend when you said "need some help".

Go to your chat screen and type: /shout Hey need people to help me with Bane at the lighthouse please!

Usually people standing around with nothing to do will gladly help you out. I often respond to people's cries for assistance and when I need help, that's exactly what I do. I've had level 30 heroes come to my aid who say "Cool. I needed that mission but needed to be invited to it."

That's not to say you can't beat Bane by yourself but it's always more fun in a group. What server are you on and are you a hero or villain? If I can help at a certain time I would definitely be there.
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User Info: tobruk545

6 years ago#3
Nelson - what weapon are you using?? For the Bane fight, alone, since you are a gadgets i would strongly suggest something with range and power like the rifle. Also destroy all of the barrels in the room at the start of the fight. Those are what heal Bane throughout the fight.
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