Anyone fought Pengbot Maximus yet? Any tips?

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  3. Anyone fought Pengbot Maximus yet? Any tips?

User Info: OldSkoolGamer04

6 years ago#1
Wow. I just had to go up against him in the Two Face/Penguin mission and he absolutely destroyed me 5 times. I had to warp to HQ just to repair all my gear and buy new colas. I've never had this problem in any of the other level 30 solo missions, so I'm wondering if there's some trick to take him down easier that I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: jsquad4136

6 years ago#2
Those GODDAMN penguin-bot buddies of his are what keep causing me problems. Hell I go to pick up a healing barrel and one of those bastards shoot it out of my hands. The boss itself doesn't cause me much problems but it is his little bastard friends that get on my nerves.
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User Info: hugeLoad

6 years ago#3
im an ice tank, although i was in dps mode.

that dude is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

took me 6 tries and a trip back to the hall of doom to repair.
i have 6 tier 1 pieces and 2 tier2 pieces. and a 97.1 tank staff.

the whole time i was just thinking "are u kidding me?"

User Info: Ravenius_sors

6 years ago#4
Imagine a new player thinking hey I can do these solo challenges with ease and BAM they do this one and they get hit so hard their account is deleted.
Erlose mich

User Info: umddd

6 years ago#5
Any All Geared Tier 2 having problems?

User Info: Citrik

6 years ago#6
Screw the Pengbot...he kicked my ass. By the time I got to Penguin my armor was done for and Penguin annihilated me. I can't wait until I get off work. I'll be back with a vengeance.

User Info: fearthisjuggalo

6 years ago#7
Take out the lil ones asap. Attack from a distance and roll away when he lunges. When he's almost dead you can go in and finish him off. I have no T1 and didn't die to him with my Nature DPS. Penguin on the other hand, he was rough. Used all the barrels and 3 Gorilla forms to take him down.

User Info: Ravenius_sors

6 years ago#8
I just did the challenge. The bosses were kind of ridiculous but not hard. It is more bad mechanics and overtuned damage.HURR MAH LASER WILL KEEP KNOCKING YOU DOWN. Utilize the healing barrels and ranged attack.

The penguin's damage output is very high. Kite him around. I melee him while he has the flamethrower or that grenade weapon. Melee him only when healed by a barrel
Erlose mich

User Info: Ravenius_sors

6 years ago#9
I managed to get the feats as well except for the consumable one. I keep forgetting supercharges are consumables
Erlose mich

User Info: Elbeef

6 years ago#10
I'm an ice tank with 1 piece of T1, just stayed in tanking stance for fight, didn't die to anything in mission but came close. For this fight i just killed the pyrobot and cryobot as soon as they spawned to avoid extra dmg, and popped all my defensive moves while fighting pengbot. I did have to switch to a bow though to kill boss with range, his whirlwind is the only annoyance. It was annoying that he couldn't be knocked down as well.
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  3. Anyone fought Pengbot Maximus yet? Any tips?

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