Green Lantern build?

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User Info: jeremycards

6 years ago#1
So, i've been playing a green lantern, and its a REALLY good powerset. But its pretty hard to master, with all the construct combos you can deal lots of damage without even using mp. So i was wondering wich are the best convinations, since i seen some constructs combo with constructs from the other power tree, i really wonder wich are the best skills. So can anyone tell me some good build?

User Info: Kooljay95

6 years ago#2
Try them all out and see which one is the best. That what the people your asking did.
My pickle started out in a jar, and now it's back in one. Patrick Star

User Info: jeremycards

6 years ago#3
its quite ironic to get that response in GAMEFAQS, a page done exactly for looking up guides and such.

User Info: NHZ1337

6 years ago#4
Well its an honest, non flaming answer(which is nice), but hes kinda right.

Most of this game, is really your own play style, If i knew how you like to play i could suggest different things, like you said, HL has alot of combos, which fit alot of styles.

PVE wise? in troller role or in dps role, if you plan on being melee look to work in the shld.

Do you like to melee? Do you rather Range attack?
Ram->Whip->HandClap->ChainSaw->Ram->Whip->etc etc... never stops. Thats one i use, Ram->Whip is very very good and quick. You can Start with Chainsaw, or with handclap if there are far away and then combo right into chainsaw for the quick closeing the gap effect.

Range Attack? Ram/Handclap/Choppers/EnTrap*(not good for damage, but you can stall many mobs with high dom and take them out at will)

alot of ppl swear by mini gun, but compers rocks more mobs and your not locked in an animation, so you can attack with other moves.

DPS or Troller Wise... DONT BE A GOT DRMN SPAMMER..... When fire and Soroc, they at least are abit more "Proven".......but the whole point to this, is that we can combo with out useing so much power. So all you HL DPS Or Trollers That never have power.... your Failing at your job.

User Info: NHZ1337

6 years ago#5
me personally....I have different set ups for PvP/PvE/Raids.....I'm not faq maker... but maybe if you figure out HL in/out, perhaps you could make one for us....


User Info: Gwalir11

6 years ago#6
I'm a Hard Light DPS and one of my favorite combos is Minigun, Snap Trap, and I think it's called Light Beam? It's the one that gets powered up if they're under 35% health. I like that combo because it's all ranged attacks, so I don't risk putting myself in danger. Also, you can leave off Minigun to make it so the combo has a 50% damage boost, rather than Minigun's 35%. I usually use Minigun though since it adds more hits, plus it's cheaper to use than Snap Trap since you only pay the power cost of the first power used.

User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#7
"its quite ironic to get that response in GAMEFAQS, a page done exactly for looking up guides and such."

hmm, and see how helpful people are after you give them crap for not being very helpful.

it is considered bad etiquette to ask us to tell you how to play for any rpg. if you used the powers and had questions we'd give you our opinions. but you basically said "tell me how to be good". the only way to be good is to learn everything on your own and see what works and what doesn't in real combat situations.

try powers. respec. try more. respec, try half of each from before. that's how the rest of us learned. if we tell you, you'll just be one of those crappy players who needs to be told what to do every 2 minutes.

User Info: EskimoBrother

6 years ago#8
Play with different hl users. Steal their moves.
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