Recreating "Mega Man", need opinons on Mentor and Movement!

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User Info: LDK_Vergil

6 years ago#1
Being the massive Mega Man-geek that I am, I feel it's only right -- nay, it is my *duty* to re-create the Blue Bomber in this magnificent game.

Most of the basics I've got down; Protector head, Slimline chest, and Neo-Genesis Legs look perfect. His body will be the "little kid" body (the name eludes me). I'm thinking Black Hair and Blue eyes, since that's what I always remember him... but maybe brown-hair and green-eyes?

For powers, I figure Gadgets and Power Blast. But the Mentor and Movement... I just decide.

For Mentor, I can't decide whether to choose Batman for his ingenuity with technology, or Superman for his inspiring and lighter vibe. Since I'm new to the game, is there any difference betwen the two Mentors? Would one let me access more RObotic-looking armor?

And for Movement... I'm also stick. Acrobat and Super-Speed both seem to fit. Acrobat looks a little more akin to what I would expect Mega Man as it's less "super power-ish", yet Super-Speed also allows for some absolutely launching jumps.

I'm purely looking for opinions here, though any other insight would be more than welcome. Like I said, I just started a few days ago, so very little knowledge on the true impact of these choices.

User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

6 years ago#2
Mentor should definitely be Batman (tech). Movement should be Superspeed because Mega Man doesn't fly without Rush Jet or the Jet Adaptor (Mega Man 6).

For weapon style, choose Hand Blast. I've seen a screenshot on a site of Proto Man in DC Universe Online and he had a Buster on his arm, which I believe to be a Hand Blast weapon.
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User Info: LDK_Vergil

6 years ago#3
Awesome, can't wait to see what kind of weapons my new Mega Man-inspired guy can get! Kind of a bummer all of the variations of "Mega Man" and "Rockman" are taken, though. I had to resort to using "Mega Buster", but I suppose it's better than nothing :D

User Info: Rumpelgrumpel

6 years ago#4

Mentor: Batman/joker

Weapon: Handblast

Movement: Superspeed.

You can have a jetpack that changes your movement to fly or am i mistaken.

User Info: LDK_Vergil

6 years ago#5
Well just curious, any reason you might pick Super-Speed over Acrobat? Like I said, I'm not so much choosing which one is my favorite, so much as I want it be as faithful to him as possible =P

User Info: fortecross220

6 years ago#6
None of the movements are that faithful, but I know he doesn't fly, and I know he doesn't jump acrobatically like that, but we don't know how fast he moves in comparison to a normal human.
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User Info: LDK_Vergil

6 years ago#7
Sounds reasonable enough, plus I much prefer Super-Speed anyways =)

Any thoughts on Personality, though? I was thinking "Powerful" simply because it's kind of the "standard" look, but I wonder if another might suit more?

User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#8
movement should probably be acrobatic, because the grapple gun is the closest to him you'll get
as for powerset...gadgets i guess?

User Info: LDK_Vergil

6 years ago#9
You know, for that matter, I had naturally just assumed Gadgets would be the way to go... but what about the "Light" powers? I don't have the DLC so no idea what it's like, but would that be more up his alley?

User Info: NoctusLucius

6 years ago#10
Mentor is Dr. Light, Movement is Teleportation or Robotic Dog.
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