Beginners guide to DCUO

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User Info: EZE1981

5 years ago#21
Ah yes, the item colors. They determine the rarity and value of an item. In DCUO the grades of rarity are as such:

Common – White

Basically your first equipment, or the useless crap ( scrap drops ) from normal enemies ( normal mobs ) or normal items you can buy at vendors.

Uncommon – Green

These are better items that are found in treasure chests ( not all the time, sometimes its three whites ), handed to you as quest rewards or dropped by sub bosses in instances. Some bounty targets ( the bronze statue for example ) drop one and, on rare occasions, normal enemies. Those greens or greenies are usually rather good since they often have quite good stats and new armor/weapon styles. Most of the rarest styles drop from low to midlevel openworld enemies such as cops or gangsters etc. The droprate however is very low, so if you go style hunting, bring a chunk of time.

Rare – Blue

These are very good items. They usually come with an excellent status. They are usually dropped from story ark ending bosses , challenge mode/duo/alert bosses, the tougher duo subbosses and most alert subbosses. If you are lucky you can even get one out of a chest from an instance. They also drop from high level normal enemy like the ones around ace chemicals. And you will get one from treasure chests in raids *CHOUGHkandaq CHOUGHkandaq*. I mentioned earlier how to get lots of rare drops from storyarkending bosses, so see above.

Epic – Purple

Epic items are very rare, powerful and as such, relatively hard to come by. Most of the storyarkending bosses drop one. The dropchance varies however from quite often ( Banes Belt ) to WTF??? ( Batwomans Cape ). You really don’t need to try and farm them but if you grind for rare items as I suggested you will get quite a few of these. Some of the Duo and Alert bosses drop epics as well. In raids every Sub Boss and boss will drop up from two epic items. And in addition to that, all Tier Armor is epic. The PVP vendors even sell epic PVP trinkets and 77,9 dps weapons.

Legendary – Orange ( Yellow )

The only legendary items I know of are very rare vault drops. I have seen a trinket that turns you into an OMAC and one that turns you into a Kryptonian. If someone out there knows of more feel free to contribute. ( Maybe Tier 4 armor will be legendary, I dunno )

User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#22
wheres the "midtown base vendor"? you mean the midtown police department in gotham?
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User Info: kkrauss

5 years ago#23
When you say pvp vendors do you mean I have to switch to the pvp server to access them? I am a level 20, I am just suing the equipment I have found thus far, and for the most part have had no difficulties until this riddler mission in gotham.
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Question, I'm working on getting my endgame armor, I know about yhe marks and where to get them. But what is the little skull (ex. when looking at two-face's armor) and how do I get them mines been stuck at 99 for ever? Do get get it for PKing
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User Info: Yarott

5 years ago#25
Skull Icon = PvP Equipment

Toughness Stat = PvP Defense
Defense Stat = PvE Defense
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What I am asking is how do I increase the amount of skulls I have?
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User Info: kkrauss

5 years ago#27
What is the difference between a pvp and pve weapon? How do you know which is which? Some one mentioned skulls but I only see skulls on the berry flavored colas at midtown sold by pulsar. This stuff is very confusing lol.
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User Info: Nasteeman

5 years ago#28
Biggest suggestion I can make to new players if you have a question about basic gameplay is to check the official website:
Just about evryhthing you need to know about the basic stuff (how to use powers, how to change colors, what the different sections of the PDA are, all of that and more). I can't recommend it enough.

User Info: kkrauss

5 years ago#29
Yes but that doesnt answer any of the questions I've personally had and seen many others have. Im still trying to figure out the pvp weapon thing. Also why are some weapons and other equipment not sellable? Should I store these or just destroy them?
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User Info: EZE1981

5 years ago#30
The white skulls are influence points. You gain them by participating in pvp matches and knocking out players of the opposing faction. Only honorable targets count though. Meaning opponents of roughly the same level. You gain double the amount of influence ( and marks of conquest if you are LV 30 already ) if you win the pvp match.

With the “midtown vendors” I meant the gladiator vendors ( the big hulks in full body armor ) in either the midtown nightclub and the burnley nightclub. ( police stations )

The teleporters to those are located on the upper ring of the central hub in the Hall of Doom and in the corners of the central hub in the Watchtower. Just check the map if you have trouble finding them.

The first difference between PVP and PVE weapons is that PVP weapons come with a moderate toughness boost. The second and more important one is that unlike PVE weapons you can purchase rare and epic PVP weapons for money, influence and marks of conquest from vendors.

You can buy your first PVP weapon at LV 14 at the two vendors mentioned above. The next one at LV 24. And you will not get a better weapon at that point of the game as a quest reward or green drop from PVE stuff.

At LV 30 you can buy a 77,9 dps weapon for 120 marks of conquest at the pvp vendor in the hall of doom ( in the sub levels of the meta wing were Black Adam hangs out ). For the hero side I am not sure anymore, sorry. But they are in the lower levels of the Watchtower somewhere.

And lastly, you can buy a pvp weapon from a special vendor for influence points who only appears if your side won the Ring war or the Diamond heist. He also sells 77,9 dps weapons.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you start using pvp weapons early in the game you will get a considerably power boost and you will only have to worry about new weapons in terms of weapon styles. The only more powerful weapons you will ever see are raid drops. ( I know Scarecrows cleaver blah blah blah ; )

By the way, please remember that PVP armor will NOT protect you against an iota of damage any cpu controlled enemy will do. So if you are grinding for that Deathstroke armor, remember it will only do you any good in PVP matches.

You might want to settle for that Tier 1 Mr. Freeze suit first if you want to do T1 medium, T2 alerts and raids.

The weapons work both ways, the armor does not.

The Tier 3 PVP armor does come with a little defense boost but running a hard instance with those equipped, albeit possible, is not recommended. It is possible but you better bring some serious skill. Not to mention that veteran players might scold you ( putting it nicely ) and that’s a horse of a whole different color so you have to trust me on this one. ^^
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