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User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#1
how is it so far
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User Info: KingBezz

5 years ago#2

If you know what your doing and how the power interact with one another its great.

My own loadout:

Stone/Upheaval/Localized Tremor/Debris Field/Unstoppable/Meteor Shower

Ok for my loadout I run with Dazing enemies. If you read the powers you do MORE damage on crushed or dazed enemies, which means you need a power that cushes or dazes enemies. I start off with Stone. It dazes an single enemy then I use Debris Field which is just like CoP Sorc has. If its a single enemies I'll use Upheaval and use the aftershock effect to use it 4 times (This is the strongest power I have seen and used, and I have used all powers in both trees. My opinion) Upheaval is also aoe and sends enemies back, so if multiple enemies you can keep them back for a short time while you team gets ready or whatever they are doing. If there is a big group I wil use Unstoppable which also dazes enemies, but with Unstoppable you have to be up close for enemies, so howI use it I like to use it on bosses and rigth in the middle of adds, since it does knock them down. After that I will smash out the mobs with Localized Tremor which hits REALLY hard if enemies are dazes. This not only will knock them down, but it makes enemies stupid, and I mean that as I used it on the third T2 duo on the bosses adds and they jsut stopped moving like they were flabergausted at what I just did lol. Another thing about Unstoppable is that when I was dueling my league to test out powers I hit my best fire tank (Full T3) for over 1k not crit with Unstoppable. I don't remember what order of the powers I had used then. I just know he was yelling in the mic about it lol. For the SC I like and hate Meteor Shower. I also like and hate all the other SC also LOL. The Entomb SC sucks plan and simple. The 35% is tank role specific. Earthquake 25% and aftershock 25% is ok, but when I use the aftershock effect I didn't see any more of the animation of the SC and the damage wasn't really there either, so I run with Meteor Shower, cause the first hit is about 800 damage and the following shower art hits 1100 (This was the damage on the combat dummies I tried. On my friends T3 tank I hit about 900 total cause his def is pretty much insane lolm but overall its really good SC only for 50%)

User Info: Vademon86

5 years ago#3
Earthquake is really good if you have high might. If you use Earthquake plus 3 Aftershocks you'll do around 3000 damage.

Jackhammer is also really good. It's AoE and each add it hits it does around 200 for each Aftershock.

I'm still looking at loadouts myself.
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