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User Info: siber051

4 years ago#1
Hey guys- I get that the new update came out yesterday and I'm still trying to make sense of everything- I am a heavy pvp player who feels like I just got screwed-(I had just bought the last laugh dlc, which is now worthless)- but I have a question about the new gear.

How are people running around in full tier4pvp armor already? I was in matches last night with players rocking weapons and armor for 500+ marks of valor. How is this possible? I can only get 2 marks per match and the update has only been out for a day, how did people get so many marks so quickly?

User Info: 4squarefighter

4 years ago#2
Weekly and daily boxes for arenas give quite a lot of MoV. So, reset it and there you go, quick armor.
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