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User Info: gamedaddy25

4 years ago#1
I have all the gear for t1. Been playing since beginning. Took a break now everything is different. And please be cool about it. Don't be mitches. Thanks.
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User Info: TheBlackAce222

4 years ago#2
You're probably missing something, weapon, trinket, ring, necklace.

Something is under leveled. Theres also the possibility that you're already on T2. I forgot the requirement.

And theres always modding.
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User Info: gamedaddy25

4 years ago#3
My weapon is at 77. 9. But I think it's for pvp. Where are all the upgrade weapons.
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User Info: Buzzzdlightyear

4 years ago#4
You'll need to mod your gear at this point and you'll get weapons from drops. But modding will be your best bet. Chest and legs are the strongest so I'd mod those first and give you a nice boost in stats and raise your gears item level.
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User Info: 4squarefighter

4 years ago#5
I would say your trinket, face, or rings are lacking. Replace them with pvp cash jewelry and you should get to 43 or higher.
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User Info: illahstrait2

4 years ago#6
gamedaddy25 posted...
...Don't be mitches. Thanks.

You watch "The Real Husbands Of Hollywood" lol
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User Info: gamedaddy25

4 years ago#7
Lol. Thanks guys. True dc players. Yes I do watch the show. Kevin is from my home town. He's the lil man
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User Info: kkrauss

4 years ago#8
Just an FYI it really doesn't matter which gear you mod the formula balances it out so that the impact on your CR is the same. Chances are you just need to do some duo's or alerts and you will pick up that missing piece. But you can just throw some beta mods in(I wouldn't go any higher and lose out on some bytes) and get to 43 and start the new level. I personally skipped T3 and went straight to t4, you aren't there yet but just a suggestion for the future.
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