Naruto: The Broken Bond (360) v.s. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3)?

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User Info: Everyday_Gamer

8 years ago#1
I recently, bought both these two Naruto Games this week. But, haven't opened the PS3 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. But, I did opened, The Broken Bond. And I like it so far, thinking about returning the NUNS though. Which, is really worth keeping? I really need honest opinions from Naruto Fans. I used to watched the Anime, haven't seen it for awhile now but Loved it. Please, I really wanna keep one, so I can save money if I return the other one.

User Info: flashman321

8 years ago#2
well UNS is more a graphical fighting game that u would have fun with if u only liked the fighting because the story has no depth. While NBB has more depth to the story than graphics and fighting combos Etc. So if u like good graphics and fighting system u should keep UNS but if u like a story that has deph and an ok graphics and fighting system then u should keep NBB.
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User Info: Billdough002

8 years ago#3

Problem with UNS is that it has a sucky adventure, only 3 modes(no training modeO_o), and the core gameplay is broken. There is no proper rushdown. If your attacking an opponent who is guarding You can chakra dash out of the combo and attack your opponent. Basically, for rushing down(like getting around your opponents guard), your going to get penalized. This isn't balanced. It's broken. Hell even certain jutsu's can be used while blocking. Sasuke's fireball, just block and it's a free phoenix fireball on you. Rushdown is pretty non existent in the game You can essentially punish someone who is trying to break your guard meter. It's a boring, turtle fest. It makes combos on block useless, which hurts the game HARD. The game is already a shallow fighter, but with the recent news of chakra dashing out of a combo, the game fails hard, and now ranks with the horrible broken fighters.

And this isn't EVEN going into the fact that itachi is broken, or that the game is shallow compared to the Nh games.

User Info: deathfisaro

8 years ago#4
I hated Rise of a Ninja because of its stupid random encounter and pushover story mode battles with unnecessarily large amount of minigames and collectibles.

If this game has random encounters, I'm going with Ultimate Ninja Storm. I haven't bought either but I can't stop being biased because the first RoaN was so bad.

The sidequest is like, go to place A and fight buncha random encounters then return to village.
The next sidequest is going to place A and B fighting the same enemies all over again and return to village just to receive the next sidequest which asks you to go to place C where you need to travel to A and B AGAIN.

And when I played RoaN, online was like a demo because you'd see only 2 characters in a whole day.

Judging from the message boards, both TBB and Storm suffer from the same cons RoaN had.
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User Info: LinhSaysHi

8 years ago#5
play both first and see for yourself? lol
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User Info: zeldasho

8 years ago#6
Well here is my opinion
I played UNN and loved it, and when i buy my PS3 it will be the 2nd game i get (Right after Disgaea 3 :3), and it was amazing, possibly one of the most fast paced fighters i have played since DBZ Budokai. But, it felt like a button masher at heart.
TBB, is a sequel to the meh-worthy RoaN, which i forced myself to pick up to get ready to play this game, after starting to play this, i realized it was more like 2 games in 1, if not 3, it has the awesome adventure mode which had some pretty epic moments, it has a full fledged fighting mode with 30+ characters (if they add DLC), which each character has different move sets (with the execption of 1 or 2), and the online which is quite fun itself. Plus they fixed most cheap things from RoaN (like the whole air downward kick now leaving you staggering if you miss, and a few cheap character combos), and the online is much better now, rock lee doesnt feel like he is pumping steroids, sasuke's air kick combo isnt being spammed, and it seems alot easier to use substitution jutsu to break out of a combo now.

I have to say TBB hands down, its just more fun...and i plan to add it to my permanant collection.
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User Info: DaEdge614

8 years ago#7
Billdough002 is beyond fanboy status
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User Info: joalesup

8 years ago#8
Well we a,ll know BB has an epic story. That's were UNS lacks at. You read text you stay in the village and you play repetitive minigames similar to hose of past ultimate ninja game. Ninja Storm lt Looks beautiful and sounds awesome. I bet your non Naruto friends will enjoy it due to the easy combo system. My problem with the game is that it concentrates more on flash then the fighting. You'll see your self doing similar combos and pulling of Jutsu. The game will get boring after awhile diue to how shallow it is and the lack of replay.

BB has an epic story, you play more than Naruto. Ubi went innovative with a dedicated Sasuke part. The story would last you a good 13 hours. What I like most in the game is the fighting. You really concentrate on combos and its fun pulling them of. Each combos is varied for each character unlike ninja storm. Plus there is 2 vs 2 which adds more fun to the battle. If you really get good you could take it online and fight great fighters. There is a ranking system and tournament mode.

I say BB is woth keeping due to it's replay value.
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User Info: Admeister2004

8 years ago#9
TBB definitely has the "better" story mode, but a fair bit of its length is made up of pesky fetch quests/little minigame type missions. It does do a better job of covering this part of the story, but at least in UNS you can play through the whole series, not just a part of it. Not to mention the Giant battles are sweet, the sort of thing you just don't see in the 360 branch of Naruto games. As for the fighting system, I like both about the same. I really enjoyed UNS's take on Naruto combat, it feels a lot more authenic to have ninjas running around a large area instead of fighting each other side on imo. The story mode in UNS is good, covers a lot more of the story, but doesn't go as in-depth as TBB for obvious reasons. Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses, my advice is to keep both. I knew as soon as I saw what UNS was going to be like that I'd be getting both, and both of them are great games.

Oh, and on a side note, I don't like how they changed the substitution in TBB, I just can't get the hang of it. :(
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User Info: Qc89

8 years ago#10
uns for the fighting,tbb for the story. Imo uns is better,because fighting>>>>>13h story mode.
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