is this game good?

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User Info: darthsnider

7 years ago#11
James Grayson is worth playing the story multiple times for laughs.
Online is pretty good. It's not very diverse, but it's very solid in that there is little lag/connection problems, and hackers aren't too abundant.
Every light has a shadow.

User Info: Resistance_Kid

7 years ago#12
The multiplayer is starting to piss me off, because it keeps freezing and crashing my psp, I prefer Medal of Honor, even with hackers.

User Info: gxacexk

7 years ago#13
^^^^^^ its obviously your router and not the game, so dont get pissed at the game get pissed at your router the rr forum

User Info: Resistance_Kid

7 years ago#14
ok, thanks for the info, now i gotta move to europe sooner, and get my speedy connection up :)

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