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User Info: TheGhozt

8 years ago#1

A simple answer from someone and I will have the Witcher completely figured out.

The only thing that is puzzling me is in the talents distribution aspect of the game. Am I able to skip lower tier talents, and just learn the higher tier of that talent? I will give you an example...

In the tree of "Strong Steel Weapons" there is a talent called "Crushing Blow". Now as level 1 Strong Steel user I can get rank one of crushing blow. But if I were to advance to level 2 Strong Steel, and then not learn crushing blow rank 1 but instead learn rank 2 (without ever learning rank one), am I still receiving the same effect as though i learned rank 1?

Or even though I am able to learn rank 2 over rank 1, is rank 1 still required for me to recive the effects of rank 2?

Again this is the only thing that I am confused on and maybe there is something I'm just overlooking, but its preventing me from spending my points confidently thus slowing my experience with The Witcher.

User Info: Avenger1324

8 years ago#2
I think the skills are linked to the stage of attack you are in.

While attacking you can link stages of the attack together into combos, and if you have messages on screen enabled it will tell you second stage, third stage, final attack.

If you put points into Crushing Blow Stage 1 it will increase the damage on the first stage of each attack. If you put points in Crushing Blow Stage 2, it will increase the damage in the second stage of the attack.

Atleast that is how I think it works, and would make sense why you can buy the later stages without the early ones
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