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Witcher Mods

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User Info: dlevere2

7 years ago#1
Swamp Storage access Mod

adda & shani dark chainmail bellytop

Shani Re-texture

Witcher Difficulty Increase

Antiquarian sells modified meteorite swords

armor difficulty increase mod (EE compatible)

Rebalanced Talent Point Mod - EE compatible

HOW!!? and other annoying sounds

A cool sword

Silver sword Re-Tex test

My Little Cheat Mod

Alchemy Ingredient Icons - Better Color Coding

Geralt face retexture

What a Man Needs COMPLETE MOD! (Warning: homosexual material)

Excellent Armor Stats

Leuvaarden Chapter 1 Items

Insane Dificulty Mod (Updated : 01/06/08)

Play the game as Night Elf (World of Warcraft)

Black suit with golden skulls (Mod)

Adda the Witcher Mod

For those who like it easy / like to cheat

Random Silly Mods - just for entertainment

Play the game as Raymond (Mod)

Play the game as Vesemir (Mod)

Play the game as Eskel (Mod)

Play the game as King Foltest

Play the game as Mutant or Regular Rayla

Play the game as Azar Javed (Mod)

Play the game as Sergant

Vendor items Yellow Rune/Meteorite 800 orens each

Antiquarian Sells Meteorite Swords (Mod)
The Hackmaster

User Info: dlevere2

7 years ago#2
The Witcher Texturen Mod!

Save Game Editor

Geralt Black Hair Mod

FCR - Full Combat Rebalance mod

The Witcher: Black Edition - UI & HUD Redesign

Extreme Immersion Mod

Hi-Res Character Models (NPCs, Monsters, Animals)

Evil Decision

play as triss!! (or anyone you like)

ENBseries for The Witcher (nice Bloom effect)

No HUD mod

The Wedding

Walk in OTS mode

monsoon rain mod

Have Your Han Plants Give You Han, NOT Berbercane

Witcher Swords Edit (Kimono's Swords)

Flash Mod

Talent of the Cheater mod

First Person Enabled Camera Mod

Knight Templar Mod

The Witcher EE Uncensored files

Blue Naiad texture that doesnt effect the Dryad-Morhen (Dosnt work with EE)


Merry Witchmas

THE Witcher EE 1.5 Five mods pack

More Plentiful Herbs

Even more herbs

Artistic storage container background (Using the love cards)

Stuff that make Geralt's life easier!!

adda chainmail nightgown (retexture) & geralt chainmail shirt

Excellent Leather Jacket retex

geralt without scars and bruises (retexture)

Triss, Shani Adda, nude not just in undies *Works with EE (1.4) version.*

Longer lasting swallow

Less crashing, no thunder bug on save/enter - EE compatible

Different way to play as any character

Colorful Dresses for Little Girls
The Hackmaster

User Info: dlevere2

7 years ago#3
The Well Stacked Mod

Fix for the Celina/Wreath of Immortelles Problem

Anduril - Flame of the West

New Deidre & Sabrina Sex Card's

Precise Hit Rebalance

Free rest in inns mod

My Way Mod...(The way I like to play the Witcher)

Low-lighting Bloom Hack

Kalkstein sells teleportation stone and powerful potions (Mod)

new card triss

Sword remake

The Witcher super start save in Chapter 1 Outskirts of Visima

Silence Is Golden

Poet's Pride + Walkthrough

Lochlain's Reskin Projects
The Hackmaster

User Info: omenodebander

7 years ago#4

Any chance of this getting stickied?

User Info: Z34ForLife

7 years ago#5
Excellent!! Thanx
Forza Motorsport 3 - October 27th, 2009 / Gran Turismo 5 - TBA 2010 :( / Need For Speed: Shift - September 22nd, 2009(worthless)<<<

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