The Witcher: Windows 7 Compatability FAQ

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User Info: Nintendological

6 years ago#1

Many Windows 7 users are having difficulties with installing The Witcher under Windows 7 64-bi edition, as well as difficulties installing the 1.5 patch update. This brief guide will explain how to resolve the issues with this game and Windows 7. Note, the author of this guide takes no responsibility for any problems that may occur from the use of the software that is explained in this guide. Use at your own risk**


I. Problem -- DRM
a) Solution

II. Problem -- 1.5 Patch
b) Solution

I. Problem: DRM

The Witcher employs DRM that is provided by Tages Protection. The DRM is nothing too evasive, requiring that players have the game disc inside of the
DVD-ROM drive in order to play the game. The version of Tages that comes with the Witcher, is not compatible with Windows 7 or 64 bit operating systems.
Therefore, even with the game disc in the drive, players will continually receive an error message that denies them the ability to launch the game.

a) Solution:

A brief visit to the Tages web site will remedy the DRM issue. Update to the current version [5.5 as of the time of this writing] and the game should load properly.
You can find the update at

II. Problem: 1.5 Patch

Many new players go to the CD Projekt web page that pops up when they click "Check for Updates" from the launcher menu for the game. The patch that is present
on CD Projekt's site is for the original retail release of the Witcher, not the Enhanced Edition that is currently sold in stores.

b) Solution:

If you are trying to update the Enhanced Edition, you will need the larger, 370MB patch, as opposed to the smaller 97MB patch found on CD Projekt's site. For
convenience, I will provide a URL to the patch. There are no guarantees that this link will always work. In the event that the site below is no longer hosting the
patch, feel free to use Bing or Google and do a search for "The Witcher 1.5." In the mean time, this link is working.


** = I have personally used the Tages update as well as the specific 1.5 patch found on File Shack. However, everyone's rig is set up differently, and I won't be
responsible for any errors or damage that occurs if using theses patches causes harm to your system.
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User Info: RegisterHell

6 years ago#2
Just to say it installed on my Windows 7 Ultimate without problems, so it may not be the same for everyone.

User Info: Nintendological

6 years ago#3
I know it is not the same for everyone. That is why I said many users, and not all. But if you do a quick google search of "Witcher Windows 7" you will see a lot of people complaining. Also, two users in this forum already had issues with the patch and with getting the game to run under Windows 7. So it isn't advice for everyone. Just for those who need it.
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User Info: Smashmouth

6 years ago#4
It was randomly crashing on chapter 2 and 3 for me but then it just stopped? I don't get it, there is no method to the madness. :shrugs
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