Square-Enix scpecial item code walkthrough

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User Info: Chasmyr

7 years ago#1
As per usual, Square-Enix has made registering a game an unusually complicated process. This walkthrough will guide you using baby steps through the whole process. This walkthrough has been written with only mild spoilers and should be considered a completionist's guide that will fully explain how to get all of the hidden secrets and special items you may otherwise miss (/sarcasm).

1. Quick Note
2. Special Item
3. Walkthrough
4. Troubleshooting

1. Quick Notes

Especially today (launch day) you will see massive downtime on the Square-Enix website. Wait a week to register or fight the invisible crowds if you REALLY GOTTA HAVE IT.

2. Special Item

For all your hard efforts, Xbox360 users get codes for outfits for their 360 Avatars. That is to say they will get two download codes, one for a male psicom soldier, and one for a female psicom soldier. You do not have to pick between codes, you can use both codes. If you want to see what the clothes look like, they are available for purchase in the avatar store.

3. Walkthrough

Welcome to the twisting labyrinth of registration hell. Okay, there are TWO accounts you must register for.

FIRST you need to register for a Square-Enix ID starting here, assuming you are in North America


Just follow the steps, its not too painful.

Once the Square-Enix ID registration is complete you need to register for a Square-Enix Members account, this is how you get your long awaited "special items"

Go here


use your newly created Square-Enix ID and log in.

Once logged in, you will be asked a few more questions you will then be taken to


While logged in on this page you will see your account info in the top right corner. Immediately below that you will see a line that says "REGISTER YOUR GAME AND EARNS POINTS" enter the code you got with your game. Once your game is registered you will be shown the codes that will give you the Xbox360 avatar clothes.

Then all you have to do is enter these codes in the usual way on your Xbox360... which isn't too painful and I'm certain you don't need a guide for.

4. Troubleshooting

The website isn't working at all I just get a page not found error - As I said earlier this may be the case on launch day.for the next little while. LOTS of people are trying to register right now and it is probably crashing the poor server.

Where do I get this code from? I can't find mine! You should have gotten a single slip of paper inside your game box. It should have been loose, on top of your manual. If it isn't there, then you lost it or never got it (much more likely you lost it). Square-Enix said they were not replacing those codes for any reason so if you really do not have it, you're out of luck :(

User Info: Vesperascit

7 years ago#2
Sticky requested.

Apparently this has been a challenge to do O.O
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User Info: waveon_196

7 years ago#3
Does this work for the eu too?
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User Info: KrazyChris1979

7 years ago#4
bumpity + :
For those who registered yet missed the page with the codes:
- Log in to Square-Enix Members
-Click on fetures
-Choose Final Fantasy XIII
- Click on the bar that says bonus codes
- Then click the link that says review codes
They'll be right there to view again

kinda dissapointed that its just the outfit but no helmet, but eh... free is free so I can"t complain
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User Info: Milox3

7 years ago#5
How do you see your codes again? Mine registered but the webpage that shows your xbox codes didnt' display D:

User Info: d4rk0n3

7 years ago#6
Bumping because alot of people seem to be confused on how to redeem... not me... really.. it makes sense... kinda...really.. well..not really... just bumping ;)

User Info: mikekari

7 years ago#7
My... uhh... brother says thanks for the info. Sticky requested

User Info: llxzachxll

7 years ago#8
Hardcore- We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: ostego_gamer

7 years ago#9
Lol... it requires a walkthrough... why didnt they just do what Dragon Age did.. and put the redeem code as an in-game option
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User Info: importflip

7 years ago#10
Requested from here as well.
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