Barthandelus (Chapter 9 Boss); How To Beat Him Quick-Guide

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User Info: Tokyo630

7 years ago#1
I've seen a ton of posts on how to defeat him, this method is what I used and I defeated him the first time:

Team: Lightning/Hope/Fang

Start off with Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM), and take out the 4 smaller parts of the enemy (you should use Libra on them all to find their weaknesses)

After you destroy them all, continue to use the Relentless Assault paradigm, unless you need to heal, where you should switch to Diversity (RAV/MED/COM).

After you stagger him for the first time, he will gain the ability to use Destructo, an ability that will do roughly 800+ damage to each of your party members. To weaken it, continue to use Relentless Assault on him and when you get his stagger bar to around 175%, he will grunt and need to start recharging the attack, as soon as that happens, hit him a few more times and switch to (COM/MED/SEN) and prepare to heal and have Fang take the 4 or 5 Ruin spells he will immediately cast after the attack.

The point of getting his stagger up so high after casting Destructo is to make it easier to Stagger him after he does this attack. After you somewhat heal, switch to Diversity again to heal up and stagger him with Light/Fang. After you stagger him, switch to Relentless Assault and stagger him again, and beat the crap out of him til he uses Destructo again.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat until he is defeated.
GT- Tokyo630
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User Info: ordinateur

7 years ago#2

Yeah it's basically the universal strategy. Although I try to always have the SYN buffs on my against bosses, especially with this party. Always have him on slow too.

User Info: jungledeeva

7 years ago#3
Yeah I used a Bully paradigm so he could be slowed and that worked well. And it helps a lot to have the doctor's code on your main character for extra heals.

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User Info: Prelude2Disastr

7 years ago#4
Thanks man, this helped wonders! I was almost at the point of eating the disc :(
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User Info: Jel4788

7 years ago#5
I used 2 Meds and a Com.

Boy was that a long fight.

User Info: FearfulBlaze

7 years ago#6
for this boss i was on COM/SEN/RAV the whole time unless i needed to heal, which i went to MED/SEN/MED the whole time.
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User Info: CyTemplar

7 years ago#7
This boss is really messing me up! This is the first time I've really had this much trouble in a final fantasy game. I could manage if it wasn't for Destructo, which kills Lightning (thus Game OVER) immediately, so the next time I had her wearing HP buffing bangles and summoned just so Odin could heal me if I died, and I barely managed to scrape by. Then Destructo inflicted Doom on her, WTF?! I've been using Snow and Hope, in the same strategies listed, except I gave up on trying to stagger him before he did Destructo because I have no idea if it affects his attack pattern and I couldn't get it high enough anway so I'm mostly just trying to survive it. Is using Protect and Shell a waste of time and effort? Otherwise his attacks really mess me up though. I'm sick of replaying this! I do like the music though.

Also, I think he used Destructo on me when I hadn't even staggered him before, not 100% sure though.

User Info: seanh94

7 years ago#8

I couldn't even destory more than 2 pieces of armour at first then I just used some shrouds and it was easy.

User Info: CyTemplar

7 years ago#9
Okay, Destructo doesn't inflict Doom he just does that on his own, WTF I guess I'm taking too long? I'm being punished for taking too long in a battle now? FFXIII is not my favorite in the series. Guess I need to level up or something, otherwise I really don't know.

User Info: Xanxus87

7 years ago#10
Eight simple steps to ensure victory

1) Go into the battle fully buffed (Aegisol/Fortisol)
2) Com/Rav/Med
3) libra scope
4) beat up the side faces
5) when he begins to use Destructo switch to Rav/Rav/Med (I didn't bother, had more than enough HP)
6) hit him enough to lower the attack of the technique,
7) ????
8) win!

If you're still having trouble then the only thing I can suggest is to backtrack and CP grind although if you fought every enemy on the airship you should be more than prepared for the battle... SSBB: 0559-7092-2888 IT'S OVER 9000!
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