mission 63 pre-requitites?

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User Info: JTfire

7 years ago#1
trying to do mission 63 but its no unlocked how do i unlock it?
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User Info: FFI3_Lightning

7 years ago#2
unlok faultwarrens

User Info: Child of Asuka

Child of Asuka
7 years ago#3
Is this the one that changes all the Adamantoises to whatever their upgraded form is?
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User Info: monkey23KING

7 years ago#4

Mission 63: Crushed by Doubt

Rank: A
Mark: Adamantoise
Cie'th Stone location: Sulyya Springs – Subterranean Lake
Mark location: Archylte Steppe – Eastern Tors
Reward: Genji Glove

From the moment you see what your mark is, you should know that this fight is going to be very, very painful. You've no doubt tried to kill Adamantoises in the field by now, only to get crushed like a pancake. Well, you're still pretty likely to get crushed, unless you act very, very quickly.

Summons are generally only really useful in specific situations, and this is one of them. Bring down your beast from the heavens, swap it into Gestalt mode, and then use its strongest attack to knock Adamantoise to the ground. Quickly put some buffs and debuffs on your team using Synergists and Saboteurs, but don't waste too much time with them – just throw Haste and a few attack buffs on – and then go to town. Once you've Staggered him, the fight will be much easier. Just pray you can off it before it manages to get up… which is easier said than done. However, another thing to note is that, like Neochu, he's vulnerable to Vanille's Death technique. It's easier to take him out this way once he's down and had a few debuffs stacked on him, but you're still going to have to rely heavily on luck this way.

Mission 64: The Doomherald

Rank: A
Mark: Vercigetorix
Cie'th Stone location: Oerba – Rust-eaten Bridge
Mark location: Yaschas Massif – Paddraean Archaeopolis
Reward: Gold Watch

This is it, guys – the last mark of the game. You can either do this the easy way, or the very hard way.

The easy way is to simply poison him and tank, waiting for his HP to dry up. This won't get you five stars, but it will get you the victory and the Trophies/Achievements. If you're up for "playing cheap," then this is the way to go.

If you're planning to tough it out, well, it's gonna be a rough ride. With over 15 million HP and resistances to almost everything, you're going to be spending a lot of time just chipping away, trying to Stagger him when the opportunity arises, Paradigm Shifting into defensive formations whenever necessary to recuperate. He has one particularly vicious attack that can slaughter you outright – if you see it coming, switch everyone into Sentinel mode and you'll lessen the damage by a great deal. Be constantly aware of your party's status and be ready to swap Paradigms immediately if things start looking bad. Again, patience and perseverance are a must – but once you beat this challenging foe, it will be one very sweet victory.

all info & credit goes to above website.

User Info: JTfire

7 years ago#5
thanks for the info monkey but that dosnt tell me how to unlock the mission :(
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