Blue hair guy.

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User Info: Death_Gaze

7 years ago#1
Remember that guy/kid with the blue hair in NORA at the start of the game?

Yeah.. He was the best. I want to Recruit him in to the main party. I'm sure we could spare Sahz or Snow.
But the owls are still around

User Info: darkmaster2001

7 years ago#2
What, Yuj?
He was alright. I'd prefer Gadot though.

User Info: Death_Gaze

7 years ago#3
Was he the Buff looking Blank from ff9? cause i liked him a bit too.
Yuj you say? that must be his name. thanks!
But the owls are still around

User Info: CrustySailor

7 years ago#4
Gadot is just a juiced up, fist-pumping, Guido. Look at him, he has a full blow out hairstyle died orange and red like flames, he has the most unnatural skin color: clearly he tans, and he's enormous and shows off his muscles by wearing like a vest or something.

User Info: Microsoft1234

7 years ago#5
if you're talking about snow's nora recruit, just continue on in the game and find out.

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