Anything you can do to survive Neochu's "Screech" attack?

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  3. Anything you can do to survive Neochu's "Screech" attack?

User Info: xVSaNx

7 years ago#1
It's the only thing killing me, Neochu in the Titan's Trials, I've searched and none of the topics had any info on reducing the damage of Screech.

User Info: Casz146

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Madman19

7 years ago#3
Haven't done it yet but try Sen/Sen/Sen paradigm
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User Info: facetious_ca

7 years ago#4
The Screech attack doesn't do that much damage.. You should probably level up more so that you have more HP.

User Info: Neo Neo oeN oeN

Neo Neo oeN oeN
7 years ago#5
I must've lucked out pretty hard because I got an instant stagger on almost every single "boss" fight in the Titan Trials.

Otherwise I'd guess SENx3 would be a good bet for surviving his attack.
You don't get badges at this level. You have to wait till you're a Bear Scout, a Super Bear Scout, or Bear Scout EX Plus Alpha.

User Info: Chaos_19

7 years ago#6
Stack Royal/Imperial Armlets.
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User Info: o0XLR80o

7 years ago#7
Having ur party with 10k+ hp and a Sentinel might help, dont think it does more than 10k dmg :o I'm not sure if if physical or magic resistance would help, think that needs testing :) I was only able to defeat it cos I was rather lucky with gettin an instant stagger and killing it before it had a chance to do Screech :o

User Info: lancerx2

7 years ago#8
You pretty much can't at early lvl's. If your using death method - it's best to hope the death lands before Screech. If not keep reloading and trying again.

User Info: xVSaNx

7 years ago#9
sen/sen/sen wouldn't do any damage, and I only have the basic roles. lightning's hp is like 7.5k and sazh (random instant stagger) and vanille's (death) are even lower, so their techniques don't really work well, especially against screech. I've put on the 15% magic resist and they didn't seem to help, only survived when I had 2/3 accessories as +500 hp.
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User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

7 years ago#10
As someone who refuses to ever grind, use guides or use cheap tactics like Instant Stagger(Because I don't read about the game online I don't even know how to get that ability), this is how I beat Neochu:

By using Death(cheap tactic).

Sorry, that thing is near impossible to beat by conventional means unless you either level up or go cheap. Surviving screech is pretty easy, just go SEN-SEN-SEN and stack up defensive accessories, but it follows up Screech with Pollen, which puts almost every single status ailment on all your characters and removes all their buffs. It's just impossible to recover fully from that before it hits you with Screech again.

I tried for a while though, and probably got it down to 3/4 of its health, but from its Libra description it seems it'll eventually summon those little Chus as well, and that makes it completely impossible.
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  3. Anything you can do to survive Neochu's "Screech" attack?

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