what does buff/debuff mean?

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  3. what does buff/debuff mean?

User Info: nounderstandit

7 years ago#1
Sorry I keep seeing this around and I dont know what it means.

User Info: dafrigga

7 years ago#2
buff is the beneficial spell that a synergist casts, they also can be on a boss or monster. a debuff is an enfeebling spell cast by a saboteur on an enemy, can also be cast on players
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User Info: PhilRup

7 years ago#3
i hope this is a troll topic....
sneaky sue. look it up on urban dictionary

User Info: silverhomer17

7 years ago#4
Not everyone plays WoW phillip
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User Info: JE19426

7 years ago#5
"Not everyone plays WoW phillip"

And WoW is the only time you use buff/debuff?
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User Info: ggrissom

7 years ago#6
buff = playing in the nude
debuff= french person playing in the nude
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User Info: DannyPeru

7 years ago#7
Wow, he just asked a simple question people. No pun intended.
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User Info: superdiddy34

7 years ago#8
not everyone play rpgs like 24/7
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User Info: Man_from_Uncle

7 years ago#9
Does anyone know what the etymology of buff/debuff is? Something to do with shiny naked muscles?

I imagine it's probably just an Americanism that evolved from someone making a mistake in definition or grammar, but where everyone knew what he meant, so there was a sub-collective agreement to just stick with his simplified gibberish for the sake of annoying the English.

As for what they mean in this game and others, to Buff (presumably a verb) is to enhance someone; to debuff is both, to strip someone of 'buffs' (now for some reason a noun), and to cast negative status effects.

User Info: DarkX85

7 years ago#10

From: ggrissom | #006
buff = playing in the nude
debuff= french person playing in the nude

I like this explanation.
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  3. what does buff/debuff mean?

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