Sazh's best weapon

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User Info: SequentialSword

7 years ago#1
His turn for a Ultimate Weapon, I currently am using him as my leader for the Platinum Ignots and the odd Trap, I need 3 more characters ultimate weapons. I am not sure which one to upgrade, I like using him as a synergist and ravanger, He is horrible as a commando. I currently have the Polaris Specials maxed out, I dunno about that one tho, What is his best weapon overall? Wanna know before I choose.
What? you think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in? - Sabin - Final Fantasy 6

User Info: Blackrhythm

7 years ago#2
Procyons. Stagger maintenence is great!!!
Sazh: You think you die and that's that? You think you die and everything will be sugar and rainbows? game ever created!
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