Did you skip the credits after beating the game?

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  3. Did you skip the credits after beating the game?

User Info: SyndicateZero

7 years ago#1
Just beat the game and first time I've been able to skip credits at the end of a game but I chose not to for some reason. I have to say the game was really enjoyable and I got lost at the end but since I have the strategy guide it explained everything into detail which made me appreciate it more actually.

User Info: analyticalkeys

7 years ago#2
No, I never skip the credits.

User Info: xfyrenx

7 years ago#3
Never the first time, but every time after.
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User Info: EverZealous

7 years ago#4
Since it's become SOP to put extra scenes at the end of the credits so I have to read a bunch of names I don't give a damn about, then yes, I do watch them.

My 60 dollars was their credit, leave the credits as a main menu option. When my screen dims from the credit section, something is wrong.
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User Info: unclesok

7 years ago#5
No I watched them happily...I let the credits roll at the end of games as well...everyone deserves a bit of recognition.

User Info: Electrium

7 years ago#6
I skipped them.

...what, I was hungry...
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User Info: Guitarism123

7 years ago#7
Na because theres sometimes something at the end of them that you might miss. Kinda like a movie always wait till the end as alot of the time theres a clip after they have finished

User Info: Hextator

7 years ago#8
I want to see some real credits with options for what you see. Super Smash Bros. was the closest game to doing credits right.

There should be a setting like some number from 1 to 10 that determines how detailed the credits are, such as 1 only showing producers and 10 showing every last name. There should also be some way of searching through names and/or seeking through the credits.

I agree with the other poster who said paying $60 is enough. If someone needs to actually prove they were part of the making of the game, they'll still be able to.

Sometimes it's interesting to see some of the bigger names in the credits, but most names in the credits are of people whose contributions are likely not as important and the only thing I really look for in credits is to see if someone who worked on the game has worked on another I've liked.

Games have a bad habit lately, as do movies, to put interesting things AFTER the credits and make you wait for them. Then you have to go and get some food and change the channel for minutes on end, occasionally checking back on the credits to see if they're done before you can get back to actually enjoying what you paid for. Credits should be mandatory but viewing them should be optional.

That said, yeah, I watched the credits. I hate missing things because of not watching credits as much as I hate that I have to watch them in full.

User Info: WARTH06

7 years ago#9
I always let the credits roll.
Of course, I'm always hoping for that biggest twist of the stupid games to come out after the credits

Alright, let's do this

User Info: Guitarism123

7 years ago#10
I always enjoyed devil may crys credits, heavy music and killing stuff till there over.
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  3. Did you skip the credits after beating the game?

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