What does Stagger Lock mean on a weapon??

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  3. What does Stagger Lock mean on a weapon??

User Info: Mothra820

6 years ago#1
Says it prevents staggering of enemies, but that'd be a bad thing right?? Or am I missing something...
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User Info: DrunkLastKnight

6 years ago#2
Effective paired with an item that gives Random Instant Chain. I would only recommend *1* if any to have Stagger Lock, all 3 means never stagger

RIC only works for enemies <Lvl 50

User Info: destrian522

6 years ago#3
It is a bad thing almost always.

Basically, a character with Stagger Lock can still chain the enemy, but once the chain gauge fills to the point where the enemy can be staggered, it just remains there. A different character without Stagger Lock in the party can then push the meter over the stagger point to stagger it. It's not a significant delay unless you are doing something really tricky like taking out a giant turtle's legs before you get killed.

Some Stagger Lock weapons are still worth using, most notably Taming Pole, because of its amazing stat bonuses (or to trigger R:IC if you need it). Hauteclaire and Rigels are also good but only if you are using that character (Light or Sazh) as the party leader. Otherwise there are better options.
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  3. What does Stagger Lock mean on a weapon??

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