Differences between the 360 and PC Version?

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User Info: Noob4Hire

8 years ago#1
Those that I know of are...

Turbo Mode
Equipment Preview
Voice Language Option
No Limit of Leader Unions participating in battle? (Can someone explain this feature please?)

I was wondering if there was any other differences between the 360 and PC Versions.

User Info: vrtra7

8 years ago#2

Some of the ones listed aren't right or non-sense though.

User Info: Noob4Hire

8 years ago#3
Thanks much appreciated, question though what do they mean by "BR" and hiring leaders to put in Unions?

Leaders are different type of units? and where can I get them?

User Info: Digitz115

8 years ago#4
is this supposed make you cooler than a 360 fan boy? Who cares the difference, a game is something to be played, and for some enjoyed. Sure it looks better on PC than 360, you can say that with any title, Bioshock, Street Fighter IV, GTAIV, Fallout 3, PC just advances, while a console stands still... microsoft mentioned they were going to stick with 360 for a couple more years.

User Info: Sqwarts

8 years ago#5
Digitz, stop trolling pls.

And to answer the question above. BR stands for Battle Rank, and it's an indication of how strong the mobs you face are. Enemies scale with your battle rank, but every area (not sure, but in general) has a BR limit though.

A lot of people wrongly assume that BR represents the strength of your unions, which is not the case. The best way to have stronger unions is by "stat grinding".
I'm no expert in this area but from what I've read it works like this:

The stronger enemies you fight the more stats you gain per fight. So if you fight a lot of weak mobs your BR will rise but your stats will fall behind, resulting in stronger mobs vs weaker stats on your units.

And about leaders.

Leaders are the units you hire from guilds, and since there are no limits on the amount of leaders you can have in a union/party (on the PC version that is), you should always try to fill your unions with them.
The other choice you have is to hire soldiers from the general in Athlum, but they are weaker than the leaders.
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  3. Differences between the 360 and PC Version?

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