Some Addresses to test with e.g. Cheat Engine

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User Info: Ghoulic

8 years ago#91

Ah, doh, thanks.

User Info: Necifer

8 years ago#92
A little Update:
I just now found the 3 pointers for your unions (since i got the final update and luckily knew beforehand, when i'd get it).
They happened to be right before the Battle-Rank, so in the end i just had to lower the final offset (otherwise i probably would have had to go through thousands of possible addresses).
TLR.exe+1DB04E0 +3c/ +3c/ +2FB4/ +0 -> Max Unions (though you can enter e.g. 10, you can not create more than 8 unions)
TLR.exe+1DB04E0 +3c/ +3c/ +2FB4/ +1 -> Max Reserve Units
TLR.exe+1DB04E0 +3c/ +3c/ +2FB4/ +3 -> Max Battle Units (since you can only have up to 8 unions, any value over 40 is kinda wasted)

I have no idea, what offset +2 does, as i even changed it to 100 and didn't see any value change in-game.

BTW, does anyone know, if you can "hack-hire" only the normal characters (does Jorgen count as 1 or is he there 8 times?) or even e.g. Roeas?
I mean, internal she's just like any other character, isn't she?
After all she (along with all other enemies) has her own stats and skills and stuff, right?
Well, then you theoretically could "hack-hire" even monsters......
Would probably be kinda weird, fighting monsters with monsters^^

User Info: Yorlan

8 years ago#93
Hey Necifer, check your PMs.

User Info: lothrandier

8 years ago#94
When there are more than 7 unions defined by the player the game will crash when going into battle, haven't tested if more than 1 guest union will adversely affect this.
Maximum amount of characters one can deploy is 35 excluding summons and possibly guest unions.
as 1-Byte type: TLR.exe+1DB04E0 +3c/ +3c/ +2FB4/ +3 and +2 need both to be set to the same value else the lower value takes precedence. One appears to be linked to the visual representation.

I've been using TLR.exe+1DB04E0 +3C/ +3C/ +2FB4/+0 as 4 byte hex in my table and edited it when required, ie after story events in Athlum Castle.
0x23236307 equates to 35 Battle Units, 99 Max. Units and 7 Battle Unions.

I'd presume it is possible to exchange the character models so ie. Emmy "looks" like Roeas. Character stats, portrait, progression and voice remain. I doubt bosses and monsters will be easily useable as regular characters including their own skills.

Good luck with your trainer writing Necifer. It'd definitely be nice to have a full blown Inventory and character editor. How about making the source code available when you're done?

User Info: Necifer

8 years ago#95
Well, i didn't test those things, since it already was really late, so it was one of the last things i did before going to bed.
But good to know, that you shouldn't use 8 unions and also have to set +2/+3 to the same.

Yeah, i kinda doubt it myself, but you never know.
I guess i then just have be satisfied with Hinnah and Hannah and whatever girl i can hire^^
This reminds me:
Does anyone by chance know how many "mystic-mitra-girls" like Rebecca or Thelma are hirable?

Hm, i have to think about it, but i think i would, since it's meant for the community anyway ;)

How do i do that?
Maybe i'm blind, but i can't seem to find my inbox.

Ah, i found it.
But why do i have to go to just to have access to my pms?
Kinda weird...
Anyway, thanks for your pm.
I'll try it later on.

User Info: mike2512

8 years ago#96

Hey, just coming back to add something about "early recruitment".

As I said, I added Wyngale with CE, before the fight with The Fallen, all went well and I decided to keep the CE-added Wyngale (not hiring him after I beat the Fallen, as one would normally do).

The thing is, after some time, I wanted to rearrange my unions and I disbanded his union (he was the leader of that union). The next thing I know, my Wyngale was gone! He wasn't among the reserves.

I am already too far in the game (before the Conqueror) to test with other recruitable chars, but I'll test it on a new game, to see if manually added chars tend to "be lost" once they are sent to the reserves. If that is the case, it will make things a little more complicated, but anyway, I would only do this CE trick for a few characters (like Wyngale or Duke of Ghor), as others come pretty well-timed in the game. I may still have to do keep a low BR to get most of my leaders and train them properly, but that's a fair price to pay compared to adding most of them and then losing some of them when rearranging unions. Watching over two leaders is a lot easier than watching over 10 of them :)

Another thing: I did a test with 6 unions and 30 ppl. It's madness! My system kinda overloads, fps drop to 10-15 during combat arts and mystic arts. I don't know how it will be if all of them had their gear maxed-up and decent arts. I think it would be the Ownage Squad! :))) But... I'll stick with 18 ppl limit this time. It would be nice to see a 6 union/21 member max. set-up, but that's for a future playthrough...

So thank you for your hard work guys, and keep 'em coming!

User Info: Cruzader619

8 years ago#97
Can this be used to spawn rares?

User Info: saeri

8 years ago#98
I doubt that's even possible, because it seems the game is using a "set" of fixed monsters every time you enter an area.
So the probability is not only concering the rare, but all monsters in an area. Programming a trainer which lets you choose between those multitude of sets is a lot more difficult than just changing a simple number for a single rare monster spawn probably. The game probably doesn't intend that you find multiple (different) rares in one run through the area.

Obviously I don't know for sure, it's just my impression. Would be interesting to hear other's take on this matter as well since I, too, would love to have more rares to fight.

User Info: Kaezar_Kaze

8 years ago#99
If you added a Unique before you actually get him/her, they'll work fine... until they join your party as a guest union. What happens (i'm guessing) ais that both Wyngales/Violets/Glenyses/whatever are tagged as guest, except that one eventually leaves, and the other (the one you added) stays. If you disband union, or replace the Unique, they'll be gone.

A workaround for this is, when the "guest" Unique leaves, just re-enable them in CE (CE will actually show that Unique as being 0 instead of 1).

Well, that's what happened to Violet, anyway.
"An optimist may see a glimmer of light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to stamp it out?"

User Info: mike2512

8 years ago#100
@majestic13: Thanks man, that did it! This is sooo great! ^^
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