Recommended and best party?

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User Info: se3prx8

8 years ago#1
I know there's no best party in the game since it is based on our styles and preferences. I just want to hear your opinions, who do you think are the best 18 characters and why do you chose them?

User Info: hotsoup

8 years ago#2
Rush - no choice, but he pulls his own weight
Irina - great AP boost, good healing and support
Emmy - hundred flowers, summon, great damage dealer
Torgal - Brionac, high HP and damage
Pagus - Good healer and ward user, good mystic damage
Blocter - High Hp, status guard
Jager - high hp, high damage, summon, Unique and weapon arts
Wyngale - same as Pagus but more diversity in his arts
Paris - high hp, great healer and psionics and ward user
Caedmon - good physical attacker, needed for certain formations
Darien - good physical attack and herb healing, if you need more qsiti for formations you shld use him
Baulson - same as Caedmon
Gaou - same as Darien, except he uses lotions instead of herbs
Yuniver - mystic attacker
Duke of Ghor - high hp, high attack, comes with weapon art already unlocked...

User Info: SagaraSouske

8 years ago#3
In PC version you don't have to use Rush. But he is good because you can build him however you want.

Irina was good in 360 but gets out shined by others in PC version. Paris is basically better then Irina in almost every way.

I tends to build 4 melee + 1 warlock/arcana union that can cast Crimson Flare + Fatal Eclipse + Rejuv Water. I will use all leaders with remnant weapons because after upgrading Virtutis, their stats are better then other final weapons.

Haven't really build up the Seven, they may change the line up.

My 18 would be

Rush (Trying for Ordainer class) (Remedies, Herbs)
Roberto (high HP, Frostblade VIrtutis, although Snowbind is useless)
Sibel (Daedalus Virtutis has really good stats) (Herbs, Lotions)

Jager (High HP and Str, Good weapon Stat, especially mystic Deft) - Best Mys Def Union
Cademon (Heaven's Door, High Str, Remedies, Herbs)
Gaou (Lotions, High HP, High Str)

Duke of Ghor (High Str) - Union with highest Atk
Baulson (Highest Attack Weapon, Remedies, Herbs)
Glenys (Sword Flash, Remedies, Herbs)

Emmy - (Ninja Class, Nightbloom makes her Unique Art ownage, high str, remedies)
Torgal (Hawkarang, high HP and Str)
Gaberial (Cerulian Rain, Soul Shield, Herbs, Lotions, Assassin Class)
Allan (High Traps for Morale gain, Holy Win, Deathknight Class)

Wyngale - (Warlock, high str and int, Swordflash)
Pagus - (Highest Int, Invo/Remedies/Wards)
Leuetius - (can be made into warlock as well, Evo/Remedies)
Zolean - (Hex, have yet to gotten his final weapon, looks to be really hard to get so might be really good stat)
Paris - (Highest HP Mystic User, Psionics/Wards/Remedies)

I may swap in Bloctor if the situation requires, but with Cachexia, wonder bangle is not really not that needed.

User Info: MattH87

8 years ago#4
Wyngale SUCKS, why is he in ur parties? He has some of the lowest hp possible.

User Info: drdorf

8 years ago#5
I think something that is missing from these discussions is formations. Most of the uber-formations require specific combination of races and in some cases, the seven.

Here is my party I am using now with 4 unions (when I can get away with it. Some bosses it helps to have 5 so I change it up for them) that allows me to have 2 Dragontail III, 1 Pyramid 3, and a 3 union that can heal, do damage, revive and provide support for everyone else. You can switch out Haruko for a mystic Nora if you want (both female with no special):

Union1 - Pyramid 3:

Can cast Crimson flare, galaxy. Can't do rejuv water though. Snievan is in spot 2 so he gets a str boost.

Union 2 - Defense Union - Formation Varies but usually Mystic Henge II
1. Emmy
2. Gaou
3. Milton

Has access to wards, remedies and lotions. Emmy can summon and has unique art.

Union 3 - DragonTail3

1 Hannah
2 Ghor
3 Caedmon
4 Pagus
5 Hinnah

If you made your Caedmon mystic, switch him to spot 5. Gets access to cheap screen clearing move at the start of the fight. Pagus gives wards and gets int boost in slot 4 or 5. Hinnah is kinda extra - I wish I had made my Caedmon mystic so I could move him to slot 5 and put Hinnah there.

Union 4 - DragonTail3
1 Young (Maddox is leader for bosses where Cachexia is wanted)
2 Torgal
3 Zuido
4 Maddox
5 Haruko (Or Nora if you had her as mystic)

Take advantage of str boosts in slot 1-3, mystic boosts in slots 4-5. Goes last since it is union 4. This helps with a Cachexia.

Weakness of this team:
1) Not 5 Unions
2) Can't cast rejuv water with a snyergy.


User Info: Infoant

8 years ago#6
I play multiple arcana unions

Pyramid 3, gives +3 mystic arts
Zuido (yes he werks)

->Zuido gets str boost
->Blackout 5
->Rush has Cachexia, but I never need it
->9000+ HP
Rush, Zuido have 2500, Pagus has 1800 the rest is split
->Rejuv water, but usually use remedies
->Omnistrike, Cyclops, Swordflash (aura tatrachi)

Slayer 3 (melee gets atk/def backrows get mys/mys def)
Young (leader)

->Young has Brawl, Snowblind
->Milton has Decoy
->Milton+Hannah is massive support
->Milton+Hannah=Morale Control+massive item skills for AP conservation
->Hannah+Hinnah=Status control, able to silent most any boss for easy fight
->Snievan is very talented

Catapult 2
Caedmon (leader)

->White Out V and Rejuv Water
->High attack output
->Higher mystic output

Duke of Ghor (belwinth Fury)
Baulson (High attack/yama WA forgot name)
Bloctor (wonderbangle)
8000 HP
Highest atk output (200,000+ damage to conquerer)
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User Info: SagaraSouske

8 years ago#7
What does it matter of Wyngale has low HP if the union hp already exceeds 9999 max? I wouldn't call one of few leaders that can become warlock 'suck'.

User Info: Wongster

8 years ago#8
"What does it matter of Wyngale has low HP if the union hp already exceeds 9999 max? I wouldn't call one of few leaders that can become warlock 'suck'."

How in heaven's name did you get your hp so high?! I'm at BR64, and even if I put the 5 highest hp members into 1 union, it will only have about 6k.
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User Info: Infoant

8 years ago#9
I'm like at BR160

I link ALL the fights so that each fight would increase the chances of +stats, esp +hp, even the first trip to Dillmoor I didn't stop grinding until I could fight 6 of those wolves and 2 dinos and those beastguys.

Starting at BR 80, I use a trainer for infinite timeshift (that's it) so I can fight 15-25+ link fights for kicks. I would link ALL the monsters in Crookfen including Bai Ze for 25+links with Oarfish, regular dragons, Bai Ze, it was like a boss fight, haha, I think it was as hard as fighting the Enlighthened 7. Even though I was 100+ BR, the crazy epic fights would get all the units +6 stats and +2 or 3 skills.

Of course, since I slayed 100+monsters each time, my BR would go up like 1 point.

Each character has tons of HP and I add on +HP
Wyngale is the weak link, he only has 987 hp after 30% bonus
Only 10 More days till I'm an Icon.
To celebrate, I'm going to make a shortcut on my desktop that doesn't go anywhere.

User Info: Infoant

8 years ago#10
PS: I got the fallen, duke, lesucitius at relatively low BR (20) on a restarted play through.
Because I had developed generics, McGrady, Sandy, Faye, Permia, I was able to take down the Fallen and bases at low BR, because they were with me ffrom the beginning of the game.

Because I got the Fallen and the Duke, lesciutius at under BR (they're equivalent to BR 40-60 by themselves), they get to grow excessively, I mean, crazy growths, that's the whole point of a low BR game, to get the later leaders at low BR to overgrow them, it's practically a game exploit.
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