zolean or yuniver?

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User Info: hbkforever

8 years ago#1
hi guys. I've got a question regarding which one of those two I should pick as a hexer.

so here's the situation. I already recruited zolean as he is available much earlier than yuniver. I've used him until his stats have become: 1114 HP, 117 INT, 37 SPD, among other things. I havent recruited yuniver at all.

I'd continue using zolean, but his final weapon, muramasa, really sucks at 166 mys, while yuniver's is much better, aura naginata at 201 mys. So should I switch zolean with yuniver for the hexer position?

User Info: billida

8 years ago#2
when you go to undelwalt, if you have sold enough monsters and stuff, the imperatus weapons will be available in one of the stores, and zolean will ask for the yama imperatus katana, and he will get the weapon art "sanguine blossom". and he is a GREAT hexer.

User Info: AirDragonGale

8 years ago#3
Having a Weapon art on a Katana with 144 mystic attack for a Mystic bases character is not really great stuff.
Plus Yuniver learns a weapon art has well and it's way stronger has well and has Hexes has well.
DDS is Best

User Info: Vpexx

8 years ago#4
Yuniver seems to have better stats than Zoolean overall in my game too. Zoolean looks a lot cooler though. I would use Zoolean just for that.

User Info: hbkforever

8 years ago#5
yeah I also think that yuniver should have better stats and weapon quality. the question is, will he ever catch up to zolean, who I already used for quite some time, if I start training him now?

User Info: mat123321

8 years ago#6
Well how much better are zoleans stats? Presumably if he is that much better, then Yuniver will also be quite a ways behind the rest of your party as well.

But TBH, I don't fully understand what is more useful - higher INT on a character, or higher MYS on a weapon.

User Info: billida

8 years ago#7
at BR 82

yuniver strength 64 with aura naginata and royal rage
subtility 115

zolean 80 with imperatus katana and sanguine blossom.

they both played a lot since i have them.

zolean is my best hexer. his cachexia 5 wipes out almots everything.

User Info: AngelSlayer7

8 years ago#8

you said about those 2, but hows your party?

couse they are both good.

User Info: hbkforever

8 years ago#9
er... What I'm talking about isn't hitting power, but hexing power, i.e how much damage you do on hex. Or how much hp and speed the guys have, because correct me if I'm wrong, but the only things that matter to a mystic user is his hp (that matters for ALL characters), how fast he hits (again, matters to all), and how much damage he inflicts with mystic arts. so I'm not really interested about their STR. Can you post your zolean's and yuniver's INT, HP and SPD please?

And the rest of my arcana union is pretty much set up. Wyngale as the warlock leader, pagus provides invocation, ludope evocation, paris psionics, and zolean/yuniver hexes. I only enable the most basic spells for each (for e.g spark for pagus) and I enable only grenade impact, mixed message, and revitalize for wyngale, so that he can cast fatal eclipse, crimson flare and reju water.

And in case you miss my first post, my zolean has 1114 HP, 117 INT and 37 SPD now. I havent recruited yuniver at all. Can yuniver ever catch up if I start training him now? And what I mean by catch up is not catch up to where zolean is now (which anyone will, given enough training), but to where zolean will be if I continue using him.

User Info: corban1177

8 years ago#10
You really haven't stated the most important piece of information needed to answer your question: what is your current BR?

That will tell us how much room there is left for Yuniver to grow. Furthermore, if you're skill disabling everything but poison gas, does it really matter so much what the hexer's damage output is? At best he's contributing 1/5 of the arcana strength, so the difference between 70 INT and 120 INT is (at most) effectively 10 INT for a regular art. Likewise for the MYS stat on his weapon. OTOH, if you care about his individual mystic art damage output, why disable the better skills?

That said, post-formation modifiers, the cap on any stat is 255, so if you're running a MYS enhancing formation, a 25% boost to Yuniver w/ Aura Naginata will cap his effective MYS.

BTW, Zolean's final weapon is not a Muramasa if you told him to go mystic. It's something unknown that gets crafted after Gem Uchigatana that costs an incredible number of components. I don't think anyone's ever crafted it.

Look here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=950908&topic=49360498

My advice? If you're <BR 70 go ahead and switch. I tend to value the enchanted/aura/shielding/parrying weapons more for their resist +5 than anything else. If you're >BR 70 it'll be sort of long and painful to build up Yuniver's hexes to Zolean's level since there aren't a huge number of monster that are good to grind on at that BR. (Need to put him in a weak formation with a healer and hex grind for a few BR using just the 2 characters).
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