Best Class for Jorgen (Spoilers)

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User Info: LastDarkKnight

8 years ago#1
Am having trouble deciding which of the many possible classes for Jorgen would be the best bet. Could some veterans bat some constructive criticism around for me, please?

Cheers in advance.

User Info: Mdawen

8 years ago#2
Jorgen Sage (Immune to crit attack) or Adventurer (You can get a warrior one if you find his sword at aqueduct)

User Info: ShinesmanOW

8 years ago#3
Jorgen (Benchwarmer) is my personal favorite.

None of his forms are particularly stellar.

User Info: aamfirdaus

8 years ago#4
Benchwarmer? I don't find that variant of Jorgen.

However, I want to collect my best units and level them up before reaching Undelwalt (The fallen is one of the reasons). I stick with Jorgen Warrior. I just have to find one left item, sword of remembrance, in the aqueduct, and he dualwield KAtana. I don't know if this is true, but there is no other leader dualwield Katana. And i hope I can make him a ninja.

User Info: aamfirdaus

8 years ago#5
Well, anyone know Jorgen can change class?

User Info: sage_inferno

8 years ago#6
jorgen will never go ninja.

his class is fixed.

User Info: aamfirdaus

8 years ago#7
What a pity, I think i should just stick with Sage for his immune to crit attack

User Info: LastDarkKnight

8 years ago#8
*Chuckles at the benchwarmer comment*

Guess I'll go for the Sage too then. Sounds like the biggest selling point. Cheers guys.

User Info: Netherforce

8 years ago#9
how do u guys know that sage have immune against crits? Cant find that statement elsewhere

User Info: DragoonKain33

8 years ago#10
Uhhh... Jorgen Sage =/= Regular Sage. So no, Jorgen Sage does not get Immune to crit. And even if he did, it's not like it's a great ability, since AFAIK it only applies to him.

Personally, I'd go with Adventurer, since at least you can get him early enough to train him in Remedies if you so need another Remedy healer.

Aristocrat has the rare ward skill if you need another one.

Raider on the otherhand provides the best endgame usefulness, considering he gets Hawkarang and can provide healing if you train him a bit in remedies.
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  3. Best Class for Jorgen (Spoilers)

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