So best armor set for the arcane warrior?

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  3. So best armor set for the arcane warrior?

User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#1
I'm an arcane warrior and currently whooping ass. I usually whip out a few damaging or slowly draining spells out then go all out with my sword. So what would be the best "ultimate armor" for the arcane warrior? I currently have Alistair with the Warden Commander set (since I bought the warden base) and me with the Juggernaut armor. The Juggernaut armor takes ALOT of stamina. Almost 90% incumbered I am. But since I am an arcane warrior it doesn't matter since I don't use a lick of stamina for my spells. So to me that's the perfect set, as it would be too draining on a warrior.

Any other opinions on what I should wear? So for I don't thing anything beats the juggernaut set.
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User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#2
I got those sets too.
But as there are way better chestpieces and helms, i wear no full sets.

I dont use juggernaut at all. Maybe on my tank..someday.

My arcane warrior actually wears robes still. I use teh spells but hardly fight with my sword. I use the spellweaver and amgisters staff on it.

For the rest i dont know. I dont see much gear that's like arcanish.

As i rip trhough the game, it seems ok to me.

I still use things like like Helm of Honleath, should have been a higher tier tiem, on Alistair (my tank, Got a lightish tank).

User Info: calvin_0

7 years ago#3
i'm using Warden Commander set, +50 stamina is good for me, i do use some spell on colored name boss. maybe i would go for Juggernaut set or Blood armor set after i become a blood mage.
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User Info: GenocideHeart

7 years ago#4
If you are going Blood Mage, I'd recommend the Blood Dragon Armor. Quite useful with its health boost.
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User Info: stevie402

7 years ago#5
My arcane warrior uses Varathorns armor with the boots and gloves of diligence. The armor is an option for the dalish vendor Varathorn to craft when you bring him Ironbark during the dalish quest. The best armor is arguably the dragonbone set that Wade makes for you when you bring him a dragonscale( not a drakescale) All the sets he makes are pretty decent. You get a dragonscale if you bang the gong and defeat the high dragon during the urn of sacred ashes quest. With these sets your fatigue is very low or non existent. Perfect for an arcane warrior. I use top siders sword with Branka's shield and/or the Magister lords staff.

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User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#6
I dont know about that bein the best armor.

I found combo of those special Tier 7 chestpieces and gauntlets way better. Together with rings and pendants it yields huge stats.

Got so much stat on my mage, she's indestructible.

User Info: everyglenn17

7 years ago#7
Depends on if you want to cast more or not.

The reapers vestments are good, they add no additional fatigue, the boots that add 10% dodge are nice (forgot name). And some gloves that add to your favorite elemantal damage, crit chance, or elven for the armor boost.

If you arent planning on maximizing casting as much the legion set is nice.

Or to really increase stamina go warden boots/the armor the elf makes (valdereth??)/fade wall/executioner helm for a 125 pt boost to stamina(works for magic). Maximize by ditching the fade wall and 2handing the chasind great maul for total 175 stamina boost, although 2h weapons are slow (but pack a wallop and kinda looks cool for a mage to have a big ol hammer).

User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#8
Yes i switch them boots now and then, useally waer a lvl1 +1 magic boot. Lol. Now wearin the dodge boot , just for tries. Havnt seen any decent mage boots around.

Point is, i see no difference in the results i get: neat and esrructive fights. All enemies die.
And my mage is seemingly indestructible, i just activate the arcane sustainable(s) and go magish.

User Info: redeemednick

7 years ago#9
I ended with my arcane warrior wearing the full legion set you find in the deep roads..worked pretty well and seemed better than Juggernaut, Warden and Blood set;.

User Info: TriangleHard

7 years ago#10

Reaper vestment is good.

and use bunch of awesome rings, belts, and amulets to make up for armor. (stats increase, health bonus, mana + health regenerations, resistance, etc)

That's what I do anyway.

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  3. So best armor set for the arcane warrior?

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