Morrigan's Dark Ritual Discussion **SPOILERS**

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User Info: ValinAkuji

7 years ago#1
I've been speculating on what Morrigan intends to do with her bastard love child. No one can say EXACTLY what she wants to do with it. So I thought back to her personal quest where she discovers how Flemeth basically found a way to become immortal by basically inhabiting the body of her daughters. What if Morrigan figured out HOW to do such a thing? Now if the child wasn't harmed after the Grey Warden killed the Archdemon but instead gained some sort of "God-like" power, would that motivate Morrigan to try to gain that power. We all know she's only looking out for number one, that's just who she is. So she raises said child, cares for it, teaches it and when the child comes of age...poof! Morrigan pulls a Flemeth and now SHE has this "God-like" power.

I wonder (and I haven't tried this yet), if you don't get the Black Grimore and give it to Morrigan, will she still offer this "dark ritual"? If she doesn't know how Flemeth has survived for long, will she even get the idea in her head that this could work to her advantage? She sure doesn't want to reveal her plan to you and is really careful about keeping it under wraps.

Anyway, I smell a sequel that takes place after the "Morrigan's Dark Ritual" ending. Any thoughts?

User Info: shaggycdoo

7 years ago#2
I thought of the same thing... I feel if you did her personal quest then he plan is to take over the body once the child is of age.. If you didn't then she would use the child has a pawn for her own personal gain... either way though he can lead to a sequal..

User Info: RockytheHercules

7 years ago#3
Yeah, I think you pretty much hit it on the nose there. Morrigan wants the kid's godlike power to create a sequel. Dragon Age 2: Morrigan's baby. Also, I suppose if you didn't do Morrigan's quest, and you were a male, you'd still get the opportunity to knock her up, just in that case the baby would probably be for Flemeth. Though, considering according to her own words, the kid would have "the soul of an Old God," I'd doubt that she'd be able to overpower it enough to take over its body.

Then again, if you just had a kid with godlike power who liked you and was attached to you, you'd pretty much be set for life. I'd say I'd trust her as far as I could throw her, but I could probably throw her much farther than I'd be willing to trust her.
"Superpowers, a scintillating wit, and the best body money can buy... and I still rate below a corpse." ~Emma Frost

User Info: strangecity

7 years ago#4
she's have a boy, name him either Modredus or Mordred and have him try to rule the world.
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User Info: stevie402

7 years ago#5
If you go through all the dialogue options with Morrigan for the dark ritual you find out that It was Flemeths intent to have Morrigan do the ritual and produce the child and it is the reason she sent her with you. Whether it was intended for flemmeth to eventually possess or for Morrigan to raise and manipulate I guess could depend on how you handled Morrigan's quest or whether you even decide to do it. I have done the quest both playthroughs. The first killing flemmeth and the second time leaving flemmeth alive but aquiring the grimiore from her. You don't really know if Morrigan was telling the truth about flemeth taking control of morrigans body or if it was a lie to get you to do her dirty work.

"I shall remember this moment when the birds come"

User Info: ValinAkuji

7 years ago#6
Makes sense. Morrigan probably WOULDN'T be strong enough to take the body of the child with the soul of an old god. So she could use the child's love for her to kill all that oppose her.

There's a sequel plot. The kid goes crazy and Morrigan seeks the aid of the Grey Wardens once she realizes she can't control it any more.

User Info: felixrush

7 years ago#7
If you go after Morrigan it says the ring she gave you gives a look into her emotional state before any trace of her vanishes.

Her emotional state for leaving you is sadness and regret. So apparently, so there was more to this ritual than she let on, I think she lost something because of it. Not sure what though, could be anything from her life to her magical abilities.
You must never forget to say your prayers, if you pray God will protect you and you shall eventually join him in the afterlife... Now, let us pray.

User Info: KingofDeceit666

7 years ago#8
Well, everything the game says about Flemeth leads you to believe she's not even human, but an abomination. So Morrigan likely can't do what Flemeth does, by implanting herself in other bodies. Nowhere in the game does it say that any person, no matter how powerful of a mage they may be, can implant themselves into another's body. Even blood mages can only control other people, they can't put themselves into said person and become them.
"The reward for ambition too great...Is self destruction"~The Black Swordsman

User Info: Starwolf777

7 years ago#9
what if felmeth truely died a long time age,her daughter took her name,and it kept going up till morrigan.also before felmeth(or the current felmeth) dies she tells or gives her daughter all the magical knowledge and that daughter take felmeth name.

User Info: felixrush

7 years ago#10
Yeah, I thought that too.. to a certain extent.

That is, the woman claiming to be Flemeth possibly killing the real Flemeth and simply taking her name. But, I really never saw why one would have a reason to do so...

It's just Flemeth's lines were rather... interesting...

"We believe what we want to believe, it's all we ever do."

*Responding to Morrigan knowing her secret*

"That she does. What has Morrigan told you, hm? What little scheme has she come-up with this time?"

*Implies that Morrigan has tried to kill her on other occasions*


"It's a tune poor Flemeth knows well... and even told."

The God Child could be the secret Flemeth was referring to... but Flemeth having played her own tune? That interested me the most.

Also, I agree with Flemeth, people really do believe whatever they want to. I found that to be the best statement in the game, imho.
You must never forget to say your prayers, if you pray God will protect you and you shall eventually join him in the afterlife... Now, let us pray.
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