Balhen or Harrowmont?

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User Info: wessoto209

7 years ago#1
Which did you guys choose? Because I thought harrowmont was the good guy, cause I played dwarf noble before first and found out Balhen was the one who set my brother to die, and was the villan in the story!

After the arch demon battle, I became the king after harrowmont died....

yet when I picked a mage-human harrowment had the worst ending ever....he couldn't handle the country and died from some illness for only a new heir to come take the throne! WTF kind of crap is that?

Yet I let balhen rule and guess what!!! No matter what origin I picked and won, he always had the same ending!

WAS A GREAT KING, made the world a better place for dwarves, gave castless more rights, etc ya know!

So it makes me wonder, do you guys think balhen was actually the best ending for dwarves in general? is is doing WHATS right still matter, and even though harrowmont failed as a king, he was a KIND good king?

And who did you guys picked? and why? also who else was disappointed by harrowmont's weak ability to keep his throne? >__<

User Info: SepticFlesh

7 years ago#2
I chose Harrowmont a few times. Then again, I don't base my decisions on the epilogue.
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User Info: DVader

7 years ago#3
I have chosen each one once and harrowmont is the worst

remember, an advisor does not a king make
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User Info: wessoto209

7 years ago#4
I dont know I care about the epilogue because I personally like GOOD HAPPY endings, and to see harrowmont struggle like that ......was just kind of sad

kind of like the good king gone bad ending

After that I chose balhen now, because thinking about it......he was just tired of being looked down as the little winny brother, and wanted to be something no matter what! he was just doing what every dwarf does, BETRAY and murder lol

Harrowmont disappoints me -__-

User Info: Lirishae

7 years ago#5
Harrowmont is depicted as being "softer" than Bhelan and a compromiser content with the status quo, whereas Bhelan is depicted as stronger, willing to use any means necessary and determined to change things. It was a tough choice, but I picked Bhelan because it made the most sense for my character. Even though Harrowmont is seemingly more honorable, it's better for the Grey Wardens for the dwarves to have a firm king who supports increased trade (and therefore ties) with the surface. Not to mention it means a chance for the casteless to have a better life.
"There is nothing sad about being of a fragile race." -Diana, Legend of Mana

User Info: Valacan

7 years ago#6
The least negative ending for Harrowmont is if you are a Dwarf Noble and survive


He makes you his successor. So even though he still dies, at least you can fix his poor ruling.

User Info: krazymofo421

7 years ago#7
i feel exactly the way the poster felt. I chose him as the logical choice, but then saw that ending and felt like a fool....i am disapoint...
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User Info: ripstrawberry

7 years ago#8
I chose harrowmont for a few things:

1. early access to the provings means early access to the key to the city and the provings is my favorite place in orrzammar. I wish it could turn into a mini-pvp place like star ocean 3's vs mode.

2. you get slightly more xp for choosing harrowmont because you get to kill bhelen.

3. it made sense to me because in the dwarf noble origin he sets things up for me to kill my bro.

4. bhelen came off to me in other origins as a pompous, immature whiner.

5. I heard the town crier shout: "Lord Bhelen is a bad, bad man!" And my character knows what to do against bad men... XD
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User Info: wessoto209

7 years ago#9
I just wish I can go back where I had to choose the new crown king, and instead choose bhelen, because I honestly felt I had the perfect save with the PERFECT good endings, but damn harrowmont had to ruin all the fun! =(

Oh well lets hope maybe after some new expansions that it wouldnt have matter who you chose, maybe in the NEW EXPANSIONS you can go back and kill Bhelen for being a tyrant, and (If you chose harrowmont) REPLACE him with a BETTER king!

So maybe it works both ways I hope, cause damn I'm soooo not gonna make a new game just to fix that mistake!

User Info: wessoto209

7 years ago#10
and what made me decide harrowmont was the sad letter of BHLEN's father who had a letter that was pleading me to NOT CHOOSE bhlen, so I felt it was the right thing to part of me still feels it was the best decision, for the father's sake -__-

50 50 I guess
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