Why am I having so much trouble on normal difficulty?

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User Info: RPGmaster717

7 years ago#1
I started playing this on normal thinking it wouldn't be too bad, I've played tons of other RPGs before. But around the time I started fighting the ogre I started running into huge problems. I'm on the part where the sloth demon puts you to sleep and you go into the fade, and if I turn it up above casual difficulty my party just gets destroyed and it doesn't seem like there's anything you can do about it. But if I put it on casual difficulty, it's too easy and gets boring. So I've checked over my tactics and weapon/armor menus and seems like I have it set up decently. Anyone have any advice as to what I'm doing wrong?
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User Info: bvanbove

7 years ago#2
i agree man....im a LONG LONG time RPG player and know how the basic formula works, though i had to get used to this style of play a bit as its a tad different than the usual RPG i play (its more of an MMO style which i dont play really).

It sounds "NOOBY", and i hate that im doing it, but i switched the difficulty over to Casual for a few hours and am trying to perfect my playing style for now...mind you its a bit hard cuz i can kill a golem with one person in like 4-5 regular melee shots, but its really been helping me out just figuring where all my players fit in and what skills work best in what situation in this game.

Like i said, it will really stink for awhile especially as a long-time RPG player, i mean im finding it upsetting just how easy things can be...but im hoping that this will really help you out in the long run.
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User Info: GreenGoblin2099

7 years ago#3
Well, if this makes you feel better I had troubles on 3 of my past 4 playthroughs.

1st- Playing as a warrior and learning the basics of combat. Hard time.
2nd- Playing as a mage, sweeeeeeeeeet ride!!
3rd- Playing as a backstabber rogue was hard because plays different than a warrior.
4rth- Playing as an archer rogue... well, hardest playtrhough so far.

I'm on my 5th playthrough again as a warrior, and it's smooth sailing my friend.
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User Info: Nasada19

7 years ago#4
I'm going to guess that you aren't using tactics very well. You should have a tank with taunt or something similar that can draw aggro away, at least 2 pure damage dealers (backstabbing rogue, mage, etc), and a healer/support (most likely Wynne).

Once you learn how to properly use a party it makes the game a lot easier.

Another problem may be poor stat or talent builds *shrugs*
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User Info: yuri239

7 years ago#5
***minor circle quest spoiler

If you're having trouble in the Fade you're not using the shapeshifts properly. Experiment with them. Crushing prison and fireball are devastating.

User Info: Whetstone_Dude

7 years ago#6
^ yeah. Also remember the Flaming Man shapeshift from completing the Burning Tower area will grant you immunity to the annoying enemy Fireball spells in the Mage's Asunder area. Since the Fireball spell can pwn you in seconds it's good to change to the Burning Man form during the last rooms of the Mage's Asunder.
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User Info: MeNoSeeGood

7 years ago#7
I know what you mean TC....While I wasn't dying too much in Normal mode, my tank (Alastair) was dying almost every battle along with Leilana (archer). It was weird for me because I've played RPGs that have similar concepts to the DAO (Tales Of...series, WoW, FF12, etc.) I decided to switch to Casual because I got tired of running out of pots (and I wanted to beat my roommate to finishing the game). But upon putting the game into Casual Mode, I just became a button masher for me essentially. I even beat the High Dragon with myself, Shale, and Dog, and Wynne...something that wouldn't happen in Normal mode (trust me, I tried).

So yeah, there is a definitive gap between Casual and Normal...can't argue with you there. I do like the challenge of Normal though (even though others may not consider it much of a challenge).
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User Info: frustratedguy10

7 years ago#8
The first few levels are always the hardest because you don't have that many abilities or great equipment yet. That said, I have no idea what you're doing wrong because I don't know how you're playing the game.

A couple of tips:

1. Never run into a fight if you can help it. Always set your party on hold around a corner, and then lure the enemies (preferably 1 at a time) towards the rest of your group.

2. If possible, kill the mages and archers first.

3. Making sure that your tank is the first person the enemies see makes it much easier to tank.

4. Go to the Dalish camp and buy a ton of elfroot to make health poultices. Go into your party members' tactics screen and set them to use health poultices when health<50%.

5. For your mages, disablers like Sleep and Mass Paralysis is much better than spells like Inferno and Blizzard.

User Info: AirstripOne

7 years ago#9
It's really about learning the game, feeling it out for yourself, and if you need to coming here for advice on what skills you need and how to delineate points into stats. I never encountered the kind of difficulty you're having on normal, but I did die occasionally on my first playthrough. The second time through I took on nightmare and only encountered a few truly difficult segments. Next I'm going for a solo run on nightmare.

Basically, it'll come to you, don't worry. This isn't an easy game, but it isn't as tough as it seems at first.

User Info: professorfrink1

7 years ago#10
A few things that I learned the hard way that might help:

1. Dexterity is the most important stat for a tank. 5 points of Con will buy you about 1 second when your tank is surrounded by enemies. Better that more of those hits miss him. Equipment that increases defense helps too.

2. You can never have too many mages. The only limitation you have is that there are only two NPC mages and the fact that you need a tank and probably want a rogue. Later in the game you can turn either one of your mages into a tank (with the Arcane Warrior spec) or turn your rogue into a tank (with the Duelist spec and enough strength for good armor). Have one mage healing only (attack only with her staff between heals or buffs). Make sure you have spells that incapacitate enemies. Cone of cold , for example, will take out a decent sized group of enemies long enough that you can get into a good position. Crushing prison can be brutal if you have a melee attacker wailing on the target while they're held.

3. ambush, don't be ambushed. If you walk into a room where you're surrounded by darkspawn, it's probably not going to turn out well. The enemies in a lot of places will goad you into chasing them into this exact situation. But you can do the same. have your party hold position on the other side of the door, run in with your tank and aggro a couple, and then lead them right to where your party is waiting to tear them apart. Repeat until all that's left is a manageable number of stragglers.

4. Notice the guys with colored names. A mage or emissary can take your party apart really quickly. There are a number of ways to avoid this. Kill them with range attacks, hit them with a force field, have Dog or a backstabber put them down. Ranger summons seem to have an instinct to take them out as well. Whatever you do, it should be a top priority.
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