how to dupe?

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User Info: Larollexie

7 years ago#1
i played human noble all the way to the lands meet and i did not get what i needed in talents to become king. so i saved just before i talk the the queen. How do i dupe the tombs? i do not want to start a new game.
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User Info: Nasada19

7 years ago#2
Talents have nothing to do with becoming king so I have no clue what you're talking about.
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User Info: Larollexie

7 years ago#3
than how you become king?
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User Info: RajsBabysMama

7 years ago#4
Never played as a male, so I'm not 100% sure but I think u gotta marry Anora and rule with her. I think u might be able to suggest marrying her when u chat with her before the landsmeet, then after that, don't kill her pops at the landsmeet - I'm sure she'd probably tell u to screw off if u did that, lol.

There's probably a special presuade check option to "rule beside Anora" like there is with female nobles who marry Alistair - it happens near the end of the landsmeet, if u didn't get that option, try restarting from an earlier save.

User Info: antking61

7 years ago#5
To dupe. . .

You need at least 2 of the same items in question. Armor and weapons cannot be duped.

Move the items to your Junk section then talk to any shop owner.

Go to sell then to your Junk and hit Trianle and X with the right timing.

If it works you'll see the item number rising on the left. Keep at it and you will miss it a good many times.

You can also use this trick with an expensive axe that the drawf in your camp sells. You use the same method to sell the item twice so you rack up the gold quickly. XD

User Info: truth74646

7 years ago#6
This is covered in the cheats section but I want to clarify want the antking said.

After you have moved the item to junk when you go to a merchant to sell it first sell just 1 of the item. At this point there is 1 of the item in the merchants junk inventory and 1 or more in your inventory. When you hit triangle followed in a split second by X the merchants inventory will be 1 + double what you sold him, so if you had 1 and he had 1 it would now be 3, if you had 5 and he had 1 it will be 11.

It takes some practice, I was swearing it was a lie and cursing before I finally got it to work and now I am decent at it.

User Info: antking61

7 years ago#7
Same. It took me quite a few tries to get it to work. XD

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