What happens to Dog after this game ends?

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  3. What happens to Dog after this game ends?

User Info: LegendaryOozaru

6 years ago#1
I didn't notice a post game explanation during the credits for Dog like other party members.

User Info: Nasada19

6 years ago#2
The party eats him.
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User Info: HorseMilk

6 years ago#3
^ Owned

User Info: ericcarter

6 years ago#4
If you live he will just stay with you (he's in Witch Hunt or at least there is A dog in it). If you die its persumed that he stays with one of the companions, whom ever you are closest too. I was with Leilana when I died so I like to think he went with her.

User Info: FishTaco64

6 years ago#5
If you die, he goes on a quest of VENGEANCE, going alone into the Deep Roads, hunting down and killing darkspawn.
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User Info: DreamXing

6 years ago#6
His Codex entry in Witch Hunt says he was left in Denerim for a bit to help him re-populate the Mabari breed. Then he rejoins you when you search for Morrigan. Prior to Witch Hunt I just assumed Sten whisked him away >.>
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  3. What happens to Dog after this game ends?

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