bad luck charm!?

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User Info: Fizgot

6 years ago#1
I picked it off the inn keeper / bartender at the spoiled princess.

it's description claims to lay waste to the unfortunate thieves who take it, and that it cant be gotten rid of. (though selling it seemed to work).

anyone know what it does? It wasn't mentioned in any of the FAQs (except for one of the add on adventures.)

It's exciting! I think I'll hold onto it and see what gristly death awaits.

User Info: OzeroCa

6 years ago#2

grizzly, btw. Although technically, a death could potentially be gristly..
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User Info: Fizgot

6 years ago#3
Obsidian Zero posted...

grizzly, btw. Although technically, a death could potentially be gristly..

Oh riiiight, the wiki...

Those bearskarns kinda count as gristly bears too. Though that may be more bone and cartilage ... but yeah, I was just not thinking when I typed that. :D

User Info: ryno4urrobot

6 years ago#4
Actually, it's grisly, so whatever you were thinking, you were close.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
6 years ago#5
So it lowers pickpocketing chances? Kind of a funny item to receive via pickpocketing.

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