Alistair is Glowing Red

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User Info: CaptainNemo1138

7 years ago#1
For some reason, Alistair is glowing red. All his stats are fine, though, and he's got no debuffs affecting him. How do I fix this?

User Info: Shishen_Dude

7 years ago#2
It is most likely a buff from one of your party members. I believe Leliana's first Bard song makes them glow red. Just hit left or right bumper to see if other characters have sustained buffs active.

User Info: triryche32

7 years ago#3
Something similar is happening to me. My main character is a mage & he has black drops falling bouncing off of him. He doesn't seem to have any status afflictions, nor does it seem to be any armor weapon effects. Can't figure out what it is.

User Info: JIM12306

7 years ago#4

A handful of my characters have been glowing with either some Red or Purpleish Aura out of no where off and on for the last like 15 or so hours. And it it only seems to disappear for a time during only specific cut-scenes at various points in the game

So yeah. I don't even pay much attention to it anymore.

And as far as i am concerned. They are permanently on fire but they simply don't give a damn.
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User Info: Haki

7 years ago#5
those black drops are the stone skin buff

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#6
Yeah, Alistair has some red blood-dropping kind of aura for me, too. And Morrigan is constantly having some kind of wind vortex around her.

User Info: bradleh

7 years ago#7
Allistair's Threaten ability causes him to glow red, I've found.

Leliana's Mana/Stamina regen buff (forget the name) causes you to glow purple.
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User Info: vind3d

7 years ago#8
it's B O

User Info: Sojoph

7 years ago#9
bradleh's right. It's his Threaten ability that is set in his tactics. He has it constantly activated, and it might stay up even out of battle. Just deactivate it and reactivate it to lose the effect.

User Info: FacelessMinion

7 years ago#10
Alistair is glowing red?

I believe his load roar is telling you to grasp victory.
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  3. Alistair is Glowing Red

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