Honnleath fire puzzle (spoilers)

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User Info: xanduin

8 years ago#1
after you rescue amelia (i think thats her name) from evil cat demon in the basement in honnleath, behind her is a puzzle, one of those boards where you have 1 open space, and you have to shuffle around the pieces until they make a picture, only its huge, and you must line up fire to reach one end of the puzzle and the other

how do i even start this, was it a half finished idea? everything looks set up, i cant find any references in any codex i have found, it looks like it should be. i cant find anything on the internet about this either, though thats to be expected, games too new for guides about side quests or puzzles

User Info: LEGOslayer

8 years ago#2
you have to go corner to corner, and the arrows on each tile point to the direction that the fire will go.

User Info: bbanks707

8 years ago#3
If i understand what youre saying is that you dont know what to do with the puzzle. you have to slide the tiles to that the fire reaches the opposite corner.
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User Info: Meghiddo

8 years ago#4
This reminded me of some of the tougher puzzles you used to get in rpg's, but then that is not really even true, puzzles were much more difficult years back. This puzzle was simple really
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User Info: xanduin

8 years ago#5
oh i know i have to slide them, i cant figure out how, i tried walking their path, clicking, i hit tab, nothing showed up as clickable

User Info: xanduin

8 years ago#6
anyone at all? i guess i worded my question wrong and people thought i just couldnt figure out how to line them up, but its actually the act of moving them i dont get, im sure its something very simple im missing, after learning the tab thing from the summoning science quest, i figured there was something i missed but could find with tab, nothing there though, been trying forever lol

User Info: Warpstar

8 years ago#7
I don't think you can do it if you already freed the girl.
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User Info: Quorthon109

8 years ago#8
Yeah the puzzle is only needed if you agree to free the demon.

User Info: The_Real_Turnip

8 years ago#9
Look at one, if its highlighted press "A", if not press the D-Pad arrows towards the one you want highlighted til it is, then press "A". Remember A is the default interaction button.

User Info: xanduin

8 years ago#10
oh yea i already freed her, that sucks, was hoping for some fun, ok thanks
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