Anyone know what the Song Book item is.

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  3. Anyone know what the Song Book item is.

User Info: Saxa3000

8 years ago#1
I've had it forever and I don't know if it is anything other than something to sell. It's listed under "other" in the items menu, so it's not a plot item or a gift.

I thought it may have to do with a side quest because other sellable items have been required for quests, for example Deep Mushrooms.

Should I just sell it? it's not worth much anyway and I don't won't to hoard it in the Wardens keep chest if it's only good for selling to merchants.

User Info: atomicsuperman

8 years ago#2
If I recall correctly, that's the one you get from the Hermit in the forest. He has a book, a helm, and the acorn and will trade you for them.

If that's the right one, I've never found a use for it but I also have been hanging on to it and would like to know. Normally, you can't sell quest items but you can sell things like the dragon scale which can be used to make armor so I'm not sure if this is a keeper or not.
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User Info: SterlingFox

8 years ago#3
I have it too. No idea what to do with it.

I've always just assumed it'll be used for something somewhere, but then again, I also assumed that my story-loving bard from Orlais would like a story book about a queen from native country, but both of these things are apparently wrong.
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User Info: Saxa3000

8 years ago#4
Ah yes, now I remember, thanks.

I traded with that Hermit but later on he stopped gving me options to talk to him. I might just put it in my chest or sell it and in my next playthrough there might be a side quest guide available.
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  3. Anyone know what the Song Book item is.

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