Ok how do I unlock the Arcane Warrior specialization?...

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User Info: DeathStinger356

7 years ago#1
I've gone throught the entire bracelian ruins and completed the wolf/elf task in there but I still haven't come across "The Presence" who supposedly teaches you the Arcane Warrior Specialization. I came across some spirits but no matter what happened, they summoned skeletons to attack me so where do I go to learn the Arcane Warrior Specialization?...

User Info: System71125

7 years ago#2
Down one of the side paths there is something you can interact with
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User Info: DeathStinger356

7 years ago#3
Just something? Can you be more specific? Lol

User Info: aron822006

7 years ago#4


User Info: Legitster2001

7 years ago#5
In the ruins there is a little room (I don't remember exactly where) I think you approach it first its on the right, and there is a pile of phylacteries and an Alter. I picked "show it to the group" then "touch it" from the selections listed.
After a few more lines and choices there should be an option to learn from it or something then destroy it or whatever on the alter.

I hope this very unclear, and vague reference helped >:)

User Info: goblinweapon

7 years ago#6
When you're exploring the ruins, you'll find a room with a puddle on the ground and an altar, with a jug in the water. PAST THIS ROOM, as in DO NOT ENTER the room, walk PAST it, keep going in rooms as you pass it, and you'll find a room that looks like a library, there should be a phylactery on the gorund, and you get the option to show the gem on the phylactery to your party, do so, then touch the gem on the phylactery. eventually you'll converse with a spirit and the conversation will turn to them teaching you the arcane warrior specialization.
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  3. Ok how do I unlock the Arcane Warrior specialization?...

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