Best Party members?

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User Info: baseketball

7 years ago#1
I am a human warrior, what other characters whould i surround myself with?
Like which mage and rogues are best?

User Info: dokukaeru

7 years ago#2
Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, and Rick James
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User Info: Gogsh

7 years ago#3
Wynne is the best healer in the game

Shale is a amazing tank

for rogues, they're both equal, though Leliana is a better archer and Zevran is a better duel wielder.
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User Info: hauntbot

7 years ago#4
/topic. dokus got the best list right there, period.

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User Info: ChickenChaser

7 years ago#5
The only character that is kind of a "must have" is Wynne ... you can build Morrigan to be a competent healer - but Wynne will almost always be a superior healer...

The other party members can be any one of dozens of different combinations built for different styles... but a healer is always an integral part of an optimal fighting unit- and Wynne is simply the best pre-built healing party member to have.

You can find her in the Circle Tower.

As far as "best in class" I'd say:
the best Tanking character would be Alistair
the best DPS Warrior would probably be Sten or Shale (Oghren shows up much later allowing for less early stat building, and the Dog has few talents)
the best rogue would be Zev (Leliana is better for ranged DPS, but Zev's melee dps > Lel's ranged dps)
the best DPS mage would be Morrigan
the best healing mage would be Wynne

All that said - you can build these characters to be other styles and builds - but considering for optimal builds and thus utilizing their beginning talents - these are the classes and styles they seem to be designed for.
Also - the player character's will almost always end up a superior version of whatever class and build it is relative to the analogous party member.
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User Info: zerobobo

7 years ago#6
my favorite group ive used so far has been

me (DW warrior champ/zerker)
allistair - tank (templar/champ)
Wynne - healer (spirit healer)
Leliana - support (bard/ranger)

my character did a majority of the damage, allistair did fantastic as a tank and wynne kept us alive extremely well. Leliana was probably the weak link in the chain, but she opened the locks, played buff songs and had an animal out for support so she was still worth the slot over another more damaging character. plus having a third melee person up there would make things more cluttered

User Info: Arsenal0602

7 years ago#7
For my Warrior I had


It was a decent set up.

For A rouge I went with

The Dwarf Guy

My Perfect Run I am going to use (as anoutehr Warrior)

The Dwarf/Shale swapping out when the mood strikes

The reason is Wynne is the best healer in the game

Liliana can open locks and is an amazing archer

The Dwarf has really good tanking/DPS Shale is just a beast of a tank.

My god man all I can say is WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?????
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User Info: jefft1413

7 years ago#8
How can you possibly do enough damage without Morrigan in your party?
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7 years ago#9
I also am playing as a Human Noble Warrior. Usually my party has been Wynne(sp?) for healing, Morrigan for attack spells and Leliana(sp?) for ranged attacks(archer) and her lockpick skills for chests. Sometimes i switch out Morrigan for Shale for the extra tank.

I've put most of my mains skills in sword and shield so i'm a pretty tough tank myself. Having 2 tanks, a healer and a ranged rogue works pretty darn swell for me.

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User Info: hauntbot

7 years ago#10
on a serious note, as a poorly built melee rogue, zevran requires a lot more micromanagement than lel.

i much prefer having lel hanging in the back with a bow, buffing the whole party with songs, including the bear she has summoned.

if you think zevran is better than lil, your doing it wrong. the only time you should bother with a melee rogue is if you build them up from the start as your main character, imo.
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