Best Mage Spell Tree?

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User Info: lorddrago88

8 years ago#1
If I were to dump most of my talents into a single tree, which would be the best overall on the Hard or Nightmare difficulties?
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User Info: 0300Infantry

8 years ago#2
Atrophy, definitely. Death Cloud is ownage.
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User Info: SinHound

8 years ago#3
All of the Entropy field. Seriously.
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User Info: randomsentinel

8 years ago#4
spirit seems to be a sleeper tree in the mix. crushing prison, force field, death syphon, and walking bomb are all amazing on higher difficulties. entropy is also great at control, so you can win a lot of fights by having well placed cc.

can force field an enemy to lock them out, or force field a team mate to save them. use sparingly of course.
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User Info: lorddrago88

8 years ago#5
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User Info: Solusx2

8 years ago#6
Frost is also extremely good and should not be neglected. Cone of cold (?) is a great crowd control skill and good for higher level enemies and bosses.

User Info: AoENIAC

8 years ago#7
Creation. At least that way your party can actually live long enough on Nightmare to kill something.
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User Info: hauntbot

8 years ago#8
hah.... too bad theres no sort of "specialist" bonus for learning all the spells of a single school, that wouldve been awesome. :l
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User Info: samdenish

8 years ago#9
The Mana Clash spell is amazing. Unfortunately, it is the last spell of an only somewhat-useful tree. However, if you can spare the points, it is an amazing spell. It is almost a one-hit kill on every mage and spell-casting demon in the game. Ever since I got it, I've been a walking mass of destruction. The Circle of Mages quest was so easy it was laughable.
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User Info: saxrohmer

8 years ago#10
First off , randomsentinal has a point about walking bomb. It was doing 200+ damage when my character was level seven.

The Elemental AOE's are very useful for softening up the crowd in the harder difficulties, you can summon them through closed doors to see what lies beyond.
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