How long does this game take to beat?

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User Info: RebelGameMaster

7 years ago#1
I bought DragonAge, Tekken6, Gyromancer, and Way Of The Samurai 3 all at the same time. I let my friend play DA:O while I play WoTS3 and Gyromancer. It's been about 3 days now, and I've squeezed the juice out of WoTS3 and Gyromancer... he has yet to beat it. And it's not like he's idle or anything, everytime I look at his screen he's either fighting or in a conversation with some character. Just from what I've seen by looking over at his TV, it would seem that DA:O has more areas than the actual real life world.

So it's been 3 days... how long did it take YOU guys to beat it? Just so I have a picture in my head.

User Info: Brynhildr_Omega

7 years ago#2
About 20-30 hours, with no sidequests. Around 50-60 with them.
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User Info: AcesHigh63

7 years ago#3
Well, I'm a full time student with no job but a girlfriend and dog. came out say three weeks ago...and I beat it for the first time, doing every available quest I stumbled across and micomanaging the crap out of items and inventory, took me a little over 2 weeks. The final time was probably close to 80 hours, I'd say.
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User Info: ElRealBastardo

7 years ago#4
My first playthough ended at ~65 hours, doing the majority of sidequests, only skipping a few that didn't fit my character and neglecting the majority of my allies so as to provide myself more incentive for subsequent playthroughs.

About a week and a half elapsed from its release to when I finished, factoring work and workout schedules. And sleep. I like sleep.

User Info: Grif-yes

7 years ago#5

Well in all it took me around 3 weeks to beat with my one guy.

The first week I played the Sh*t out of the game at every time possible, mainly doing the main quest, and I spent a good 40 hours in the first week.(woulda spent more, but alas, It was a busy week).

Then across the next two weeks I played casually and spent another 20 to 30 hours on it.

Anyway, in PT1 I ended up spending a good 64 hours on it. And they their coming out with alot of DLC!!!

But also some people take MUCH less time to do stuff. People have rushed it and gotten the story done in 30 hours, some even claim to do it in 20 hours, although I call COMPLETE BS on those claims.

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  3. How long does this game take to beat?

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