"Lost in Dreams" Each Character's Nightmare? (Possibly mild spoilers)

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  3. "Lost in Dreams" Each Character's Nightmare? (Possibly mild spoilers)

User Info: Kilimpafu

8 years ago#1
During the Circle Tower and the "Lost in Dreams" quest, as we know, each party member gets stuck in their own personal nightmare. At the time I had Alistair, Zevran, and Wynne.

Wynne: Sees her pupils dead and laments their loss. You have to convince her it's not real in order to break her out of it. She was very unwilling to believe me for a long time until I used persuasion and even insulted me for my lack of respect, ha.

Alistair: Is with his sister and her children and delighted to be with a family, claiming fighting isn't what makes him happy. He's pretty jovial through the whole thing, though convincing him it's a dream will end it and he'll ask you not to tell the others he fell for it easily.

Zevran: Is strapped to a torture table doing a "pain test" to join the Crows and is confused you're there at all. If you tell him he's already a Crow, he snaps out of it easily upon realizing that's true.

I've heard Morrigan sees through the ruse easily as she sees Flemeth and claims the demon does a poor job interpreting her, but haven't seen it myself.

Anyone have information on what happens to the others? War Dog, Shale, Leliana, Oghren, or Sten? I'm especially dying to know what happens with the war dog. I usually bring him everywhere, and neglected to this one time. What would that dog possibly have nightmares about?

User Info: Madsonovich

8 years ago#2
Darkspawn cats?
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User Info: FancyButts

8 years ago#3
The dog's just asleep.
Shale I think is frozen again I Can't remember.
Leliana is being talked to by the reverend mother.
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User Info: Kain Reborn

Kain Reborn
8 years ago#4
Shale is just standing there frozen in the same position you originally found him, and you gradually coax him back to life.

Leliana believes she is back at the Lothering Chantry, and doesn't remember who you are until the Revered Mother reveals herself to be a demon in disguise.

Sten has a scene with a couple of other Qunari soldiers, I don't remember the specifics though. I do remember that he's aware it's an illusion.
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User Info: RiikiTikiTavi

8 years ago#5
Morrigan is very irritated at the demon playing her mother. It tries to guilt her into believing the vision using soppy emotional blackmail, something Flemeth would never do.

It seems like the more pragmatic companions (Zev, Sten, Morrigan) either aren't affected or snap out of it very easily, while the more empathic members (Alistair, Wynn, Leliana) are completely caught up in the illusion.

Never been through the Fade with Oghren, though. I'd think he would be so sodding drunk he might not notice!
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  3. "Lost in Dreams" Each Character's Nightmare? (Possibly mild spoilers)

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