Landmark Tree?

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User Info: CountDread

7 years ago#1
I have come across these since lothering. Is this a quest I'm missing like the one in Kocari Wild were you follow the trail to a certain hidden cache just curious. Thanks

User Info: WhhatttOKKK

7 years ago#2
i've been wondering this same thing.

User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

7 years ago#3
It is for your Dog to pee up. :)
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User Info: widget624

7 years ago#4
You take your dog to them and he pees on them. Giving him a boost while in those areas.
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User Info: YoungMaster5600

7 years ago#5
what about the 2(or more i only found 2) landmark tents? both in the forest one in the dailsh camp and the other near the hermit
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User Info: Rob_E_Coyote

7 years ago#6
Anything marked as 'Landmark' is there for Dog to 'mark' as his territory and establish his 'Mabari Dominance' buff in that area. It's also a minor side quest, and you get some exp for Dog marking every landmark item in the game (As well as completion % towards 100%). If you missed Lothering before it's destroyed though, you won't be able to complete it that playthrough.
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