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User Info: menalaos1971

7 years ago#11

That's the long bows. Look around the menu for the short bows and cross bows.
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User Info: ChaoticGood

7 years ago#12
Yeah and as the wiki says, the Dex bug does affect Crossbows (but only them), so they get no extra damage from attributes at all. They were supposed to get it from Dex, not Str by the way, unlike what someone said...

User Info: ghaleon3682

7 years ago#13
I thought the strength mod is "1.00" for long/shortbow so it displays on my stat screen. It doesn't list anything for dex.

User Info: An_D

7 years ago#14
Damage modifier for all bows is 0.5 STR and 0.5 DEX.

Test it yourself if you're in doubt.

User Info: widget624

7 years ago#15
"I thought the strength mod is "1.00" for long/shortbow so it displays on my stat screen. It doesn't list anything for dex"

It's poorly worded, strength modifier doesn't necessary mean the strength stat is the only stat used as when the dex bug is fixed daggers will working properly and use both strength and dex to determine damage yet it will still just says strength modifier. What would be more accurate is if they called it the attribute modifier instead of strength modifier
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User Info: ghaleon3682

7 years ago#16
hmm so the .85 str modifier on the dagger means what? I know that dex doesn't increase the damage on my daggers cuz my dex based leliana dps is WAY down when she equipped daggers. Also the bow damage was pathetic as well (not to mention the enemies with shield block them arrows like crazy). That's why on my subsequent playthroughs on the highest difficulty I stopped putting a bow on leliana and decided to DW her instead.

User Info: Weaselchomper

7 years ago#17
As people have said, the dex bug does not affect bows. Both longbows and shortbows have their damage determined by 50% strength and 50% dex (or 50% cunning and 50% dex with lethality). Crossbows on the other hand are affected by the dex bug. Crossbow damage is supposed to be determined by 100% dex. Instead, they get no damage modifier at all making them extremely weak.

User Info: widget624

7 years ago#18
A modifier of 0.85 means that for every point of strength (or cunning with lethality) you only get a damage increase of 0.85 rather then the full 1 you would normally get. If you had 60 strength you would only get and damage increase of 42.5 as apposed to a long sword that would get a full 50 with it's modifier of 1.00 (The first 10 points of strength don't give you any bonus that is why It isn't a full 60 with 60 strength.) This sounds bad but it is because daggers attack faster then long swords. Two handed swords get a bonus of 1.1 since they attack slower, mauls are even better they have a modifier of 1.25. Maces are the worst weapon in the game since they attack slower yet don't get a modifier to compensate.

Those comparisons in modifier and subsequent damage assume daggers are still bugged and don't get anything from dex.
So my grammar is bad don't blame me, blame the teachers who taught it to me!

User Info: AoENIAC

7 years ago#19
From a realistic perspective, you would actually need Dexterity for Crossbows and Strength for shortbows/longbows. Ya know, because crossbows you need quick hands to reload the bolt and reset the tension mechanism, which does not require any more strength than any other action.

With bows, you need to pull the string or sinew back by hand and hold it there. It's all arm power baby.

But I don't really know anything about the gameplay formulas and mechanics for bows and crossbows so I should probably stay out of this discussion and read the ultimate conclusion so that I know how to build my archer characters...
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User Info: StucklnMyPants

7 years ago#20
I just want to clear something up. The bug with daggers isn't necessarily detrimental. You all are making it sound like the dagger is missing 50% of its damage. The dagger is SUPPOSED to take 50% from strength and 50% from dexterity. BUT, as it stands now, the dagger takes 100% from Strength. For a strength or cunning build on a rogue, a dagger still works fine. This is according to the wiki and a post from a developer.

And I would like to reiterate what another poster said, the crossbows are supposed to take 100% from dexterity only, but due to the bug, they don't. As a result, they deal piddly damage. Shortbows and longbows take 50% from strength and dexterity and work fine.
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