Best Companions for Mage character?

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User Info: bra5am

7 years ago#1
I plan on making a mage not sure what characters to use on that playthrough. Any reccomendations?

User Info: matshank

7 years ago#2
I used Morrigan, Lelinana, and Alistar

Alistar to tank everyone else to damage. I also had both my mages with the spirit healer specialization.
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User Info: I_Can_Explode

7 years ago#3
I used Alistair, Shale and Morrigan.

2 mages, 2 tanks.

Sometimes replaced Shale with Zevran.

User Info: flaminmoocow

7 years ago#4
Leliana for a Rogue
Wynne as a Healer
Ogrehn or Alistair for a Tank/Damage Dealer or Morgan if you like her spells and are an Arcane Warrior.
That's what I use
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User Info: CountDread

7 years ago#5
Easy most parties consist of a tank, healer and 2 damage dealers. So I go with well....Me, Ali baby, Wy"I'm a dirty ole lady"nne and none other then...the fiery redhead with a bow and pointy sticks from hell...thats right its Lel"I'm really bi"iana! And thats the game. If you want morrigan then do shapeshifter spirit healer. Wynne's a better choice though. :D

User Info: Quiet451

7 years ago#6
I wouldn't go anywhere without a rogue. Also, I don't think 2 mages are really necessary if you make your 1 mage versatile, but it's up to you.
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7 years ago#7
I used morrigan, wynne and ohgren, ranged healer and melee. Myself as mage tank

User Info: James43090

7 years ago#8
For hard mode: I use Alistair, Wynne and Leliana. Alistair had all the shield upgrades but was set to dish out major damage. His offense just offsetted and blew away the need to "tank" anything...along with of course a bunch of my area of effect spells. Wynne was the healer/mass paralyzer and Leliana was to shatter all the frozen enemies with her crits and one-shot mages with arrow of slaying. Hope that helps.
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User Info: Wyvern_Monarch

7 years ago#9

I had myself and morrigan for some of the game as dps mages and alistair (tank) and wynne for healing. But i found that i preferred it when I swapped morrigan for shale.

I seriously kick ass with this party. Mind you my player character does about 60% of the party damage lol.

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