spoilers: drake scale armor.. pay 10 G or dont pay?

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  3. spoilers: drake scale armor.. pay 10 G or dont pay?

User Info: Exkopizer

7 years ago#1
i'm with master Wade now. just gonna give him my drake scale.
what u guys think? pay 10G or don't pay?
are there will be any difference with the quality of the armor that master wade made?
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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#2
I think it is better. I always give him the 10 gold. If it is the same regardless I would feel quite the fool.

User Info: Alpr1010

7 years ago#3

First armor - pay the 10g

Second armor - don't pay, it's free

3rd armor (High Dragon) - don't pay, it's free.

You can pay more, but you'd just be wasting money then. I'm pretty sure all you gotta do is leave the shop and re-enter for the armor to be finished.

User Info: _bendak_

7 years ago#4
the dragon scale armor is better if you pay

User Info: Arsenal0602

7 years ago#5
The final set that is made from Dragon Scale, is better if you pay

User Info: Death_Gaze

7 years ago#6
do it. and the next one too.
But the owls are still around

User Info: impulse910

7 years ago#7
Always pay, it raises the chance of getting better armor.

User Info: rpgfreakazoid

7 years ago#8
I'd like to see some proof somewhere where paying nets you better armor. From everything I've seen in my playthroughs, my brothers', and my friends'; it is the same every time. Whether you pay or not.
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User Info: _bendak_

7 years ago#9
my first game i didnt pay and the dragonscale armor only came with like nature resistance or something like that on my second game i paid for the drake armor and my dragonscale armor was better

User Info: Severian113

7 years ago#10
Paying results in an superior version of the armor you get from the high dragon's scales. I don't think it affects the regular or superior drake scale armors, though.
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  3. spoilers: drake scale armor.. pay 10 G or dont pay?

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