Who is leliana?

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User Info: xEternalLegacyx

7 years ago#1

User Info: Lord_Xia

7 years ago#2
A woman.
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User Info: richie259

7 years ago#3
She's a rogue that you can recruit when you're in Lothering. You have to go into the tavern to get her.
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User Info: Wren28

7 years ago#4

A female rogue you can recruit in Lothering if you go into Dane's Refuge and go from there...or were you meaning something else?

User Info: xEternalLegacyx

7 years ago#5
I had heard people talking of her as a party member, but i had no idea how to get her or who she was.
So thanks for the help guys.

User Info: CaptainKatsura

7 years ago#6
He was the sarcastic templar who you meet with up at...

Wait...this isn't about Alistair,is it?
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